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Our boxes make packing almost fun!

Our box isn't just a box. We have the experience to know that books need a different box than clothes. That's why our boxes have been designed with specific items in mind. You'll notice that all our boxes have a heart shaped lock on top - when your items are packed properly it confirms they're "cross our heart" safe.

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Small Boxes

1.5 cu. ft
18" x 12" x 12"

Small and mighty, these boxes are great for books, DVDs, video game consoles, cleaning supplies, magazines, tools and nick-knacks.

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Medium Boxes

3.0 cu. ft
18" x 18" x 16"

Our most versatile box, ideal for books, photo albums and toys. Absolutely perfect for kitchenware and collectibles.

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Large Boxes

4.5 cu. ft
18" x 18" x 24"

These are the big boys, excellent for the lighter and awkward sized stuff like pillows, blankets, towels, larger dishes and even lamps.

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Wardrobe Box

24" x 21" x 46"

Sure this box can hold your clothes right on their hanger, but it also transforms into a cool spaceship fort. So after you unpack, your kids can play.

We also have other boxes for more customized items from Picture Frame & Mirror Boxes to Lamp Cartons and Dish Pack Boxes. Call us today to order your boxes.

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How Many Boxes Do You Need?

Use our handy chart to calculate what you'll need. It's worth getting a few extras, and don't worry we'll take back the ones you don't use for free.

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Need more supplies?

We have everything you need to get your home ready for your move.

Packing Paper

You can use these 10lb rolls to pack almost everything. They also won't leave smears or stains on your stuff like newspapers do.

Bubble Wrap

Perforated in 12" segments for all your fragile items.

Tape Gun

If you're packing up your home by yourself, a tape gun can take hours out of the process.

Clear Packing Tape

Seal up your boxes with clear tape so your labels aren't covered up.

Storage Pads

These blanket type pads can help protect items you're moving into a storage unit.

Floor Runner

These self adhesive and disposable runners can save your carpet and floor in your old and new home.

Thanks for the love! Actual customer reviews (typos and all ;)

1 The movers were on time. 2 They asked me what I needed to have the job complete. 3 professional and friendly personality. 4 completed the move in a timely manner.
San Francisco California 10/10 rating
Responsive, responsible..on time,cost less than estimate, pleasant and competent staff.
Twin Cities Minnesota 10/10 rating
Fast, friendly and happy - went beyond expectations. Shawn and Tony were the best.
Vancouver British Columbia 10/10 rating
The movers were on time and they were great guys! Our move went as smoothly as a move can go thanks to Chris and his team.
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 10/10 rating
They moved me in a reasonable amount of time while taking care of my belongings. I loved the clothes racks that your service provides!
Tulsa Oklahoma 10/10 rating
The guys were thorough and friendly. They padded everything VERY well and treated it like it was their own stuff.
Atlanta Georgia 10/10 rating
Peace of mind! Stress free, highly efficient service! Highly organized and motivated workers who make you feel relaxed during the process!
South Bay California 10/10 rating
They were easy to work with and the movers did a great job.
Milwaukee Wisconsin 10/10 rating
Thanks guys For your help Great attitudes, super 'we can do this' attitude, amazing work ethic, team players, considerate, willing, good natured & efficient. :-)
Vancouver British Columbia 10/10 rating
The guys were on time, polite, hardworking and extremely careful with my belongings. The cup of coffee was a nice touch, too! Thanks to Jake and his crew for a great experience!
Vancouver, WA Washington 10/10 rating
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