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Smart tips to help your move go smoothly.

1: Label your boxes

Our boxes come pre-printed with room labels right on them. Find out more about our boxes.

2: The Golden Rule

The heavier the item, the smaller the box! Never over-pack a box.

3: One box, one room

Pack the same room in the same box. Don't mix. This way unpacking is easy.

4: Last in, first out

Tell us which boxes you need first at your new home and we'll load it last on our trucks.

5: Paper packing

Use packing paper instead of newspaper to avoid smears and stains on your valuables. Find out more about our supplies.

6: No packing on moving day

Take on this busy day with all of your boxes already packed. It's one less stress.

7: Don't be afraid to order a lot of boxes because you never know

Plus, we'll take the unused ones back. Give us a call and order your boxes! 1.800.926.3900

8: Pack in all sizes

When picking out boxes, be sure to get a variety of sizes. A few wardrobe boxes, many medium and definitely a lot of small boxes.

Let's get ready to move! Your Moving Checklist

Download our handy checklist to help you prep your home for your move. We're here to help you at every step.

Download the checklist »

Thanks for the love! Actual customer reviews (typos and all ;)

The guys were great, friendly and worked hard in the heat.
Milwaukee Wisconsin 10/10 rating
Peace of mind! Stress free, highly efficient service! Highly organized and motivated workers who make you feel relaxed during the process!
South Bay California 10/10 rating
Incredibly efficient
Kansas City Missouri 10/10 rating
Professionalism. Promptness. Communicates. Tim, Matthew and Alex are awesome.
Vancouver Washington 10/10 rating
Free coffee! Awesome attitude!
Silicon Valley California 10/10 rating
Great service, diligent work.
Denver Colorado 10/10 rating
Great workers and loved how you packed and protected my furniture.
Kansas City Missouri 9/10 rating
On time, very polite and professional team. Very careful with the furniture and boxes.
San Mateo California 10/10 rating
On time, on budget, respectful and great at communicating with the customer.
Vancouver British Columbia 10/10 rating
Nice, professional people who quickly moved our things and saved us money!
Chicago Illinois 9/10 rating
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