4 Things to Know Before Moving to Boston, MA

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4 Things to Know Before Moving to Boston, MA

The Hub. The City on the Hill. The City of Notions. Beantown. Boston has many nicknames, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a city rich in history, and full of excitement. Plus, those accents are pretty incredible! If you’re looking to make a move to Boston, this guide will help you learn a little bit more about your new city.

Boston, MA is an Economic Powerhouse

Boston is ranked as one of the most economically powerful cities in the world. It commands a 363 billion dollar local economy, the sixth largest in the United States. It’s also home to some of the world’s best universities, with Harvard, MIT, Tufts, and Berklee College of Music all either in Boston or close by. These schools attract more than 350,000 college students from all over the world, who contribute more than $4.8 billion annually to the city's economy.

Move to Boston, MA for the Sports!

There’s a reason they call Boston “Titletown” and “City of Champions”. They’ve earned it! Boston is a sports town through and through, with tons of action to take in. They’ve got professional teams representing in every major sport— the Boston Red Sox (baseball), Boston Bruins (hockey), Boston Celtics (basketball), and New England Patriots (football). With so many schools nearby, there’s always tons of games to take in at the elite college level too.

A City Rich in History

Despite it’s location in New England, Boston is far from being a new city. The city was settled in 1630 and incorporated as a city in 1822. When you take a stroll around town, you might find yourself standing in front of Paul Revere’s house, or the Old State House (the oldest surviving public building in Boston, built in 1713 ). You could stop for a bowl of chowder at Faneuil Hall, a marketplace and meeting hall built in 1742.

The Best Neighborhoods to Live In When Moving to Boston, MA

Boston has many great neighborhoods to choose from. If you’re after a younger vibe, check out Allston, with its many rental options. Fenway-Kenmore puts you right in the heart of the action, and is extra fun on Red Sox game days. Roxbury is a great option for families, with its many parks and playgrounds. There’s something for everyone!

Make Your Move to Boston, MA Easier Than Ever

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