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Our Carlsbad Movers Move More than Just Your Boxes!

We're a professional local Carlsbad moving company created to move more than just your boxes. We'll move you with our hard work and genuine smiles.

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Carlsbad Movers & Moving Company

If you're moving to a new home within the Carlsbad region, You Move Me is here to help! We assist households of all sizes in the southern Orange County area, including San Diego, Poway, Newport Beach and Carlsbad. Whether you just need a few helpers on moving day or you want to relax while we tackle the entire process from beginning to end, our certified movers will strive to ensure that this is your most hassle-free move ever. In fact, when you move with us, it's almost fun!

Our Movers in Carlsbad Move More than Just Your Boxes

At You Move Me, our mission is to move you, not just your boxes. Our professional movers do that by showing up on time on moving day in clean uniforms and with one of our clean, well-maintained moving trucks. Before packing a single box, we'll conduct a walkthrough of your home to make note any items that will require special care. Then, our certified moving specialists will carefully pack your boxes and load them onto one of our clean, spacious trucks. Our movers are bonded and insured, so you can trust that your belongings are safe in our care. Once we've arrived at your new home, we'll quickly unload your belongings into their correct rooms. We'll even unpack the for you, saving you even more time and effort, and we look forward to being the first to give you a housewarming gift.

A Pricing Plan with No Surprises

Moving day always comes with a surprise or two, but your moving costs should not be one of them. When you work with You Move Me, you'll receive a free onsite evaluation and a guaranteed written estimate. Our straightforward pricing plan is based on our hourly rate and a flat-rate travel fee, so you're only paying for the time that you're actually using. There are no hidden fees and no surprise costs; just efficient, reliable service with a smile.

Our Carlsbad Movers Bring the Boxes

In the weeks leading up to the move, packing is, without a doubt, the most difficult chore. Not only do you have to find the time to find and pack boxes in the midst of everything else that needs to be done, but living without everyday essentials for days or weeks is inconvenient. If packing is your most dreaded part of the moving process, then let our certified moving experts handle the task. Each member of our moving team has undergone screening and extensive training and is a certified You Move Me expert, and we have experience in handling jobs of all sizes. Whether you need us to move a single item or everything that you own, we're up for the task. We offer a range of moving packages to allow you to customize your moving experience, and we even offer free wardrobe service. If you hate moving, you'll really love us!

Even if you're planning to tackle the packing alone, we can still help you maximize your efficiency by providing you with everything that you need. Rather than driving around to local grocery stores and trying to guess how many boxes you need, we save you time by dropping off packing supplies on your doorstep. We offer sturdy, high quality boxes in a variety of sizes, as well as other essentials like packing tape, packing paper and bubble wrap. We'll even buy back any unused materials, so you can purchase what you need without worrying about wasting money.

Contact Our Carlsbad Moving Company Today for Your Free Estimate

We're more than a moving company; we make it our goal to be your partner each step of the way. From helping you find storage facilities and other local resources to bringing you a cup of coffee on moving day, we go above the call of duty to make your move a hassle-free and memorable experience. When you're ready to discuss your next move, connect with us online or give us a call. When you move with us, it's almost fun!

Areas We Service

Our Carlsbad movers service the Carlsbad area, including:

CarlsbadEscondidoVistaSan Marcos
Del MarRancho Sante FeOceanside 

moving to cinncinati OH guide

You Move Me Guide for Moving to Carlsbad CA

Carlsbad is a coastal resort city that is known for its beautiful golf courses, luxury beach homes, and of course, sandy beaches. Residents enjoy warm, sunny days throughout the year, as well as an abundance of fantastic outdoor amenities to keep them busy. If you're fortunate enough to be moving to this beautiful city, then check out our guide on the local employment opportunities, neighborhoods, recreation, living costs, and moving resources.

Carlsbad, CA Climate

With more than 260 sunny days a year, Carlsbad is the perfect place for people who love to be outdoors. The region has a subtropical Mediterranean climate, meaning that it has warm summers, mild winters, and very little variation in temperature from one season to the next. The city also experiences only about 11 inches of rain every year, so get used to enjoying plenty of days in the sun.

The Neighborhoods

The city of Carlsbad is divided into four neighborhoods: the northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast. The northwest region contains most of the region's historical homes, while the northeast contains mostly single-family homes, luxury mansions, and 1950s-style bungalows and cottages. In the southwest neighborhood, you'll find the resort towns of Avaria and Ponto Beach. The southeast neighborhood is best known for its newly constructed homes, its golf courses, and its more economical housing costs.

Working in Carlsbad, CA

With an unemployment rate that is significantly lower than the national average, Carlsbad offers a vibrant economy with many job opportunities. The hospitality and leisure industries are among the strongest sectors, but the region is also home to other major industries, such as clean technology and communications. Several national companies are headquartered in Carlsbad, providing ample employment opportunities in nearly every industry.


Clearly, with its beautiful year-round climate and it numerous outdoor recreational opportunities, Carlsbad is a dream location for outdoor enthusiasts. The region is home to an abundance of attractions, such as Legoland California Resort, the Museum of Making Music, and the Sea Life Aquarium. Residents also enjoy access to four golf courses, a scenic beach campground, and lagoons and beaches that are waiting to be explored.

Local Moving Resources

Moving to a new city is exciting, but doing it alone can be stressful. If you're moving to Carlsbad, then our local You Move Me team is ready to help. We aren't just a moving company, we're your moving partners. From helping you navigate the city's roads to finding local storage facilities, we go the extra mile to make your move to Carlsbad as hassle-free as possible.

Moving You and Your Boxes

Our mission is to move you, not just your boxes, which we do by providing friendly, reliable service, surprise-free pricing, and a team of experienced moving experts. Prior to moving day, we'll contact you to confirm all of the important details, like parking arrangements for the moving truck and your old and new addresses. On moving day, we'll show up right on time and ready to work, and we'll even bring the coffee. We'll conduct a walkthrough of your home, making note of everything that needs special attention. Then we'll box everything up, load the boxes onto our clean, spacious moving truck, and transport everything to your new home. Once we arrive, we'll quickly unload everything to their correct rooms, and we can even unpack for you, getting you settled into your new home as quickly as possible. After the job is done, we'll jump at the chance to give you your first housewarming gift. When you move with us, it's almost fun!

Contact Your Carlsbad, CA Movers Today

When you're ready to begin planning your next move, give us a call or reach out to us online. Whether you just need a few extra sets of hands on moving day, you want to let us pack up your entire home, or you'd prefer to pack yourself but need high quality boxes and packing materials, we're here to help. If you hate moving, you'll really love us!

Customer Reviews

Find out what people who have moved with You Move Me have to say about our moving service.

  • Extremely professional throughout the entire process. The crew who did the moving were so nice! They got to work and didn't slow down until they were done.
  • The guys Martin and Jeff are very patient and courteous. I felt for them when they had a tough and difficult time to move the fridge out. Great job !!. I would strongly recommend You Move Me. Additionally this is not the first time I've used them. My daughter did upon my recommendation. Marian D.

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Extremely professional throughout the entire process. The crew who did the moving were so nice! They got to work and didn't slow down until they were done.
Carlsbad California 10/10 rating
  • You Move Me introduction with Brian Scudamore

    Founder and CEO Brian Scudamore introduces local moving company You Move Me.

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No matter what size your Carlsbad move might be, you'll have a ton on your mind that day, so it's our goal to be more than a mover. We want to be your partner. Partners do a lot more than move around boxes. We help you plan the day ahead of time, locate storage facilities, find enough of the right size boxes and even bring you coffee.