Moving in Philadelphia - The Best Areas to Live

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Moving in Philadelphia - The Best Areas to Live

Moving in Philadelphia - Where to Live

Philadelphia has emerged as a bastion of old and new, bustling with rich historical districts nestled against world class educational institutions, and the result? There’s something for everyone inside this diverse city's limits. Those who know Philadelphia well will tell you: it's a city of diverse neighborhoods, great food and friendly people. So if you're thinking of moving there, you have plenty of options as far as the place you choose to settle into.

Here are a few of the best and most well-regarded neighborhoods throughout the city of brotherly love:


If parties and a bustling nightlife are for you, then why not move to the area that is rumored to come from the Leni Lenapi Native American tribe's phrase for "the place we come to drink."

Manayunk is now the city's urban capital for bars, restaurants and nightlife, but it's also so much more than that. This riverfront neighborhood is marked by its hillside location, leading to its famous inclines. As a result, a large bike race is held annually in this trendy neighborhood.

Manayunk boasts a number of amenities for all ages, including art galleries, river tours and a seemingly endless selection of great bars and restaurants.

Old City

Another picturesque urban utopia, the area known as Old City is Philadelphia claim to "America's most historic square mile" The history of this neighborhood is evident from its cobblestone streets to its buildings, some of which are from the late 19th century and earlier.

Residents of this sought-after neighborhood enjoy living in a hotbed of history, where historic pubs sit beside cutting edge restaurants and bars. Other amenities include activities on the Delaware river, and a famous farmer's market at the historic Christ Church.

Rittenhouse Square

Providing a pleasing mix of urban charm and suburban green growth, the Rittenhouse square neighborhood, nestled on the westernmost edge of the city, draws the highest home prices of any neighborhood in the city, for good reason.

Residents compare the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood to a small town where everyone knows everyone, except it's part of the bustling metropolis of art, food and culture that is Philadelphia. In other words, Rittenhouse Square is so highly sought-after by the people that move there because it truly offers the best of both worlds, as well as upscale shops, public parks and great schools.

Chestnut Hill

For seekers of a less urban setting, Chestnut Hill sits slightly outside the urban sprawl of Philadelphia, creating a slower more pastoral lifestyle for its inhabitants. The neighborhood focuses on the preservation of several crucial historical sites, funded by the Penn Society, creating a reputation for Chestnut Hill as the protector of the rich history of America's beginnings.

The area conservancy offers walking tours of the area's most spectacular homes, both old and new, and moving to Chestnut Hill means seeking a residence among history itself.

University City

Located beyond West Philadelphia, University City gets its name from the 6 institutions of higher educated located there, highlighted by the University of Pennsylvania, the city's Ivy League gem.

Because of the massive presence of higher learning in University City, it has gotten a reputation as one of Philadelphia's best places to live because of its location in the heart of culture, the arts, academia and culinary innovation. The result is a neighborhood with affordable living spaces and great food, drinks, nightlife and friends all in a sprawling network of city blocks and campus greens.

Thinking About Moving in Philadelphia?

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