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It all started with a flight delay. The five founding members of You Move Me were meeting at the Vancouver International Airport to head to Whistler for a brainstorming session to finalize our plans to revolutionize the local moving industry. Four of us made it on time, but one of us had a lengthy flight delay, leaving us to wander the airport while we waited.

Never ones to shy away from fun, we were excited to discover matching tracksuits in a store at the airport. Each of us changed into our tracksuits and waited at the gate for Tom, the final member of our group to arrive. You can imagine the attention we attracted — four grown men in matching outfits... and Tom's surprise when he saw us.

Turns out the tracksuits became an iconic part of our weekend brainstorm. We wore them for three-days straight (ewww, polyester!) and when we launched our moving company, we incorporated on September 6, 2012 as Tracksuit Movers (USA) Inc., a Canadian Corporation, and our affiliate, Tracksuit Movers, both owned by the same principals.

Since officially forming on September 21, 2012, we're proud to have done all of our business under the powerful brand name You Move Me. As Tracksuit Movers, we own all of the system and related marks, including the mark “You Move Me”, and license them for our exclusive use and sublicensing in the United States.

Revolutionizing the tired moving industry isn't easy and we couldn't have done it without a little help. Although we do not have any predecessors, nor have we had any during the ten-year period immediately preceding the end of our most recent fiscal year, we could't have built You Move Me without Andrew Wilson, Josh Herron, and Tyler Staszak, individuals who operated moving businesses in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Andrew) and Kansas City, Kansas (Josh and Tyler) originally under the name Easy Moves. These three individuals were instrumental in the development of You Move Me, sharing their knowledge, experience, and expertise from their years in the moving industry. They were consulted closely and often during the beginning stages of You Move Me franchise operations.

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