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Image of a christmas tree surrrounded by moving boxes

Five ways to make moving over Christmas easy

By Sam Landa, Content Manager

If there’s ever an ideal time of year to move, it’s rarely Christmas time. However, when you must do it during the holidays, here are five ways to make the process a little bit easier:

Celebrate the holidays early in your old neighborhood

It can double as a goodbye party. Because your house is likely packed up, consider meeting up with friends and family at a restaurant to exchange gifts and pleasantries.

Keep familiar items around for kids

Make these the last things you pack and the first things you unpack. Let the kids pack their most precious items so they feel assured that nothing important to them will be left behind. Pull out an iPod to have seasonal music playing in the new house so they (and you) don’t feel like they’re missing out on the festivities.


Keep a well-labeled container accessible so you can easily pull out a few key decorations (think table-top tree) to make your new place more festive while you unpack.

Update your address

Make sure you’ve updated your address with friends and family so that they know where to visit and send cards.

Participate in your new neighborhood

Look for events or gatherings happening in your new community. Christmas is a time to get together, and a great reason to meet your new neighbors!

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