Moving Made Easy

Fergus has rich heritage, a vibrant community and surrounded by incredible natural scenery. Our Fergus movers go above and beyond to ensure you have a smooth and stress-free moving experience.

Here's just of few of the many things we do to provide our customers with a great moving experience:

  • We have the best movers - we only hire those who are polite and hardworking, and we train them to our exceptional standards
  • We provide free estimates
  • Our rates are up-front and transparent, so you'll know exactly what to expect
  • We only drive clean, shiny trucks and always arrive on time
  • Our professional movers bring the coffee on moving day
  • We plan ahead, so you don't have to!

Our Packing Service

We can help with all the packing and unpacking needs. Here's a list of what we can pack and unpack for you:

  • Your entire home
  • Kitchen items
  • Single item
  • Valuables
  • Wardrobe

The wardrobe service is free for all of our residential customers, allowing us to pack your hanging garments in one easy swoop, and then hanging them in your new closet.

Packing Supplies Delivered

If you'd like to take care of your own packing, we can help by supplying everything you need to box up your belongings. Call us to order your heavy-duty moving boxes, packing tape and packing paper - we'll save you a trip to the store and deliver your moving supplies right to your home.

Your Moving Day Experience

We know that moving day can be a bit nerve-racking - that's why we work hard to take care of all the little details for you. Here's what you can look forward to when you move with us:

  • We'll pre-plan where we can park our truck, and determine the best route between your old home and your new home
  • We will call to let you know when we're on the way, and we'll take your coffee order at the same time so you can enjoy a fresh, hot coffee while we're working
  • We'll have you walk us through your home so we can discuss any special requests you might have
  • We'll work hard to load the truck in the most efficient, safest way possible
  • Once we arrive at your new home, we'll have you tell us exactly where you'd like everything placed so you don't spend your time moving boxes and furniture around after we leave
  • At the end of the day, we'll give your first housewarming gift

Contact Us for A Free Estimate

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