You Move Me's Greatest (Media) Hits

Our award winning public relations team not only focuses on driving national media attention, but also works directly with You Move Me's business owners to create local awareness of their businesses. The team helps gain brand recognition and awareness through local media coverage and product placement on TV, radio, newspapers and websites. Check out some of their greatest hits below.

You Move Me was featured in Franchising USA

The Public Relations team landed a cover story in Franchising USA, which has 69,500 unique visitors per month.

Learn about You Move Me's launch story, and how we're making the ordinary business of moving exceptional. Read More.

Franchising USA cover image

You Move Me Explains How We're Different than the Competition on the Rush

You Move Me Founder and CEO Brian Scudamore was featured for 10 minutes on the Rush to explain in front of 30,000 viewers how You Move Me makes moving "almost" fun. This hit was designed to improve You Move Me's brand awareness in the Vancouver market.

You Move Me Kansas City on Fox 4 News

You Move Me Kansas owners Josh Herron and Tyler Staszak appeared on Fox 4 News to give people who are moving in Kansas City the lo down on how to pack fragile items, plants, and how to load up a moving truck safely.

This hit, which gained the franchise more than 8 minutes of screen time in front of 300,000 viewers in their local market, helped the franchise improve it's brand awareness.

You Move Me Vancouver Shows Why You Need to Hire the Pros on CTV

You Move Me GM, Aaron Van Dyck, got in front of Vancouverites on CTV for approximately 7 minutes to show how You Move Me Vancouver takes care of delicate items, building its professional image in its local market. This hit helped the Vancouver franchise establish its local expertise, highlighting the special equipment and skills that are needed to pack and move fragile items safely.

You Move Me Milwaukee Packs for Christmas on Fox 6 News

You Move Me Milwaukee owner Todd Yergens made a guest appearance on Fox 6 News to show 230,271 viewers in his local market how to pack Christmas lights and ornaments like a pro. This is one example of how the team leverages yearly events and holidays to gain additional local exposure for our business owners.

Why start a moving business with You Move Me? Here's what our franchise partners have to say.

"Becoming a You Move Me franchise partner is an amazing opportunity"
Andrew Wilson | You Move Me Tulsa
"The You Move Me mission aligned with my vision of a moving company"
Curtis McDowell | You Move Me Charlotte
"Anywhere you can make a franchise work, I predict there will be a You Move Me franchise."
Josh Heron | You Move Me Kansas City
"I have full confidence that David, Rhys, and their teams are taking us in the right direction."
Nick Mosos | You Move Me Kitchener/Waterloo
"I've been very impressed with the resources and support provided"
Ben Cowan | You Move Me Twin Cities
"People absolutely love our service, and it seems like the growth potential is unlimited."
Todd Yergens | You Move Me Milwaukee
"There's very few people out there doing what we're doing - and the customers love it!"
Cameron Robinson | You Move Me Manhattan
  • You Move Me introduction with Brian Scudamore

    Founder and CEO Brian Scudamore introduces local moving company You Move Me.