Upright Piano Movers in the Kitchener/Waterloo, ON Area

Moving is often a time-consuming and exhausting task, and in many cases it is also a very physically demanding undertaking. The average household has, at the very least, some large furniture items such as beds, couches, and entertainment stands to move. In other cases, extremely large and heavy items such as upright pianos can really put a halt to proceedings.

Fortunately, You Move Me is the top choice for upright piano movers if you live in the areas of Kitchener, Waterloo, and surrounding communities. You Move Me is a professional moving service that believes in providing careful, efficient moving services courtesy of our friendly, caring movers. Don't believe? Just give us a call when you have large, awkward items to move!

Tips for Moving an Upright Piano in Kitchener, ON

Pianos present a particularly difficult challenge when it comes to moving from one home to another. The biggest problem with pianos is the weight, and to be more specific it is the fact that pianos are incredibly top heavy. Moving a piano requires ideal understanding of weight distribution during a move.

In order to successfully move a piano, you're going to need a team of helpers to accomplish the task. Some other helpful tips include:

  • Close and lock the lid
  • Remove legs if possible to make moving easier
  • Wrap properly in blankets/moving pads
  • Load the piano in the truck first to ensure its weight is in the proper place

Our Kitchener, ON Movers Handle that Upright Piano with Ease

The Kitchener upright piano movers from You Move Me are friendly, professional movers that understand the value you place on every item in your home. We specialize in dealing with oddly shaped, large, heavy items during moves. As part of our packing services, we take great strides to ensure that every item, large or small, with or without an original box, is packed safely and handled efficiently throughout your move.

When it comes to dealing with your upright piano, our Kitchener movers will bring the right number of You Move Me movers to ensure your piano is safely and effectively loaded and unloaded. Our storage pads, which are thick blanket-type pads, will protect your piano from start to finish.

Move Upright Pianos the Easy Way

As you get ready to move to your new home, with piano in tow, You Move Me ensures it goes off smoothly. Our piano movers will conduct a thorough walk through the morning of your move to ensure your upright piano is properly wrapped and prepared for the move, and we'll handle all the heavy lifting for you. It's our pleasure to properly load your piano in our clean, shiny trucks and unload it for you at the destination into the room you designate.

Fair and Transparent Prices from our Kitchener, ON Piano Movers

At You Move Me, our mission is to move you, not just your boxes, and that service starts with fair and affordable quotes for your upcoming move. The quote we give you for your move is the price you'll pay, and we promise there won't be any extra fees tacked on after the fact. When you choose You Move Me as your Kitchener/Waterloo movers, you'll get:

  • On-Time Service from our friendly, caring movers that show up on time, bright and early for each job.
  • A moving company that values attention to details. We're not here to add to the stress to your move. We bring clean trucks and friendly, uniformed Kitchener movers to get the job done efficiently and quickly.
  • Honest Prices: When you choose You Move Me as your Kitchener moving service, you'll get fair prices for our assistance. This includes charging only a one-hour minimum, because we don't believe in collecting pay if we're not working.

Contact You Move Me Kitchener for Your Piano Moving Needs

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