Frequently Asked Questions



What if I don't know anything about the moving industry?

Well, you don’t have to! We’re looking for business-minded people who have a passion for customer service and building a brand, and who want to revolutionize an industry. If we award you a franchise, you’ll benefit from our know-how and have access to corporate and peer support. It’s a risk, but it’s a smart one.

What kind of training do I get when I become a franchise partner?

Think of You Move Me like a business incubator: we provide a startup training program to get you off the ground — fast. You will be assigned a launch business manager who will guide you through the challenges and opportunities that every franchise partner faces during the first couple of years in business. They are experts in franchise management and understand the complexities of the moving industry.

What is the sales center?

Our sales center delivers multi-channel service, answering all customer inquiries and booking estimates for our franchise partners. It’s full service, giving you the freedom to do what you do best — build your business.

How do I generate sales?

Our in-house teams support your marketing efforts so you always have jobs on your schedule, not just estimates. You focus on local marketing tactics such as lawn signs, door hangers, direct mail and field marketing. We focus on digital marketing tactics and help build your online presence from behind the scenes.

How do the territories work?

Our franchise territories are defined by zip codes or postal codes. Each geographic area consists of 200,000+ population, so the actual number of zip / postal codes per territory will vary. A standard franchise will have two or three of these areas, or sub-territories. Your franchise territory is protected, which means you are the only You Move Me franchise permitted to work in that territory. Best of all, you can own where you live — many grade-A territories are available.

How competitive is the moving industry?

The moving industry doesn’t have a household name. This is an opportunity to build a dominant brand in a fragmented industry. Our trusted brand differentiates us from the rest, and our exceptional service and professionalism gives us the opportunity to disrupt and revolutionize the moving industry.

Where do I find my movers?

Every market has many opportunities to find movers (such as university students or members of local sports teams). The secret is to hire for culture fit first, then train for skill. It’s about building a team of happy, energetic people who are passionate about customer service. When hiring movers, we look for people who want to be a part of a team, who love being physically active, and who have a go-getter attitude. We can (and will) train for the technical side of the job — it’s the desire to join a positive, active culture that matters most.

Do I need all the capital upfront?

Yes, learning how to secure financing is an important part of the entrepreneurial journey. Our franchise partners have leveraged financial institutions, borrowed money from friends and family, and invested their own savings. Success in entrepreneurship is about bootstrapping to build your own future.

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