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We're a professional local Newport Beach, moving company created to move more than just your boxes. We'll move you with our hard work and genuine smiles.

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Newport Beach Movers & Moving Company

The first thing that comes to mind when you find out you have to move in Newport Beach is where to get started. Should you pack all your belongings at once and just wing it with a few basic essentials until moving day? Should you pack one room at a time, instead? Should you wait until a few days before your actual move? Where can you get all the boxes and supplies you are going to need? What about your breakables? Who will do all the moving? Is it worth calling in a few friends? These and many more questions can drive even the sanest person into a frenzied state, causing them to make mistakes and even hate the whole moving process.

If You Hate Moving, You'll Really Love Our Newport Beach Movers

At You Move Me, we make moving almost fun. Our first step is to work with you to plan the move right down to the last box well in advance so we are sufficiently prepared to face any unexpected issues with confidence and efficiency. On the day of your move our experts will give you a call to let you know they are on their way and will arrive at your home wearing pristine uniforms and in a wonderfully clean van, holding a cup of coffee to help you sit back and relax while they get the job done.

As part of our services, we offer to help you pack all your stuff into perfectly sized boxes, so you don't have to fret about which things should go into which box. They will also bring with them a whole world of packing supplies, from bubble wrap for all those breakable items you own, to tape and box cutters to ensure your belongings are well packed and ready to go. In a few words, you don't even have to worry about packing, as our experts can get it all done for you.

Once your things have been boxed, they will be carefully placed in our van and transported to your new home. The only thing you will have to do is let us know which boxes you would like loaded last so we can unload them first at your new place. At your new home we will make sure to place everything the way you want it, simply point and let us know where you want it, and we will be happy to oblige. We can even help you unpack to make the entire process stress free and streamlined for you!

When we are done, one of our experts will hand you a wonderful housewarming gift. This is our way to say thanks for allowing us to help you move.

Our Newport Beach Moving Company Moves More than Just Boxes!

One of the reasons why we are a different kind of moving company is that we really care about your moving experience, which is why we work hard to make sure the entire process is something you can actually enjoy. Our service always comes with a smile and the knowledge that no job is too big or too small for us, and you can rest easy knowing that the price you have been quoted is the final amount you will pay. We have no hidden costs and will always be straightforward and professional about everything we do.

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At You Move Me we want you to feel right at home, from the moment we get to your place until we leave you at your new house. Our customer service representatives are always happy to answer all your questions, all the way up to the moment in which we get the job done, and our movers will always have a professional and friendly attitude to make you feel as part of our family. So don't hesitate, if you are getting ready to move to a new home, give us a call today and we will get right down to giving you the best service you have ever known, because when you move with us, it's almost fun!

Newport Beach Local You Move Me Mover holding moving box

They were quick, efficient, friendly, and professional. And the coffee handed to me when I opened my door - great way to start a stressful day. However, I got coffee and no stress.

Professional Newport Beach Movers

Moving Boxes Newport Beach

You Move Me Irvine provides high-quality, sturdy moving boxes in the Newport Beach, CA area. Our moving boxes come in all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Small Boxes for small items and delicates.
  • Medium Boxes for heavier items.
  • Large boxes for the most awkward items.
  • Wardrobe boxes for all your clothes.

For a complete list of our boxes, please click here.


Ready to Get Moving? Call Our Newport Beach Movers Today!

No matter what size your move might be, you'll have a ton on your mind that day, so it's our goal to be more than a mover. We want to be your partner. Partners do a lot more than move around boxes. We help you plan the day ahead of time, locate storage facilities, find enough of the right size boxes and even bring you coffee.

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