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We're a professional local Santa Monica moving company created to move more than just your boxes. We'll move you with our hard work and genuine smiles.

Professional Santa Monica Movers

Friendly and Professional Santa Monica Movers

There aren't too many people that would tell you they enjoy preparing for and executing a move. Sure, it's exciting to move into a new home in a new city, but the effort it takes to do so can sometimes dampen the joy around the move. With You Move Me on your team though, you might find that moving is almost fun!

You Move Me is a professional Santa Monica moving service that focuses on providing careful, efficient help with your move from a team of friendly, caring Santa Monica movers. Our mission is to move you, not just your boxes.

Why Choose You Move Me?

There are a lot of Santa Monica moving companies you can choose from, so why should you consider You Move Me over the others? It starts with our commitment to your move. Our mission is to move you, not just your boxes. From the moment you contact us, you'll see the difference in our service. Every move with You Move Me includes:

  • Movers that arrive on time to every job, so your move is completed efficiently.
  • Our movers wear clean uniforms and drive shiny, clean trucks as well.
  • You Move Me quotes are fair and transparent, with no hidden fees tacked on after the move.
  • Our one-hour minimum charge ensures you only pay for the time we spend packing and moving you to your new home.

Let Our Santa Monica Movers Lend a Hand in Advance

Your move might start on the day we load your items, but that doesn't mean that service from You Move Me doesn't start beforehand. You Move Me is proud to offer an optional packing service to help you tackle the most time-consuming factor in any move. Our professional packers will come to your home with all the boxes, packing materials, and tape needed to get your household goods ready to go.

The primary benefit here is the flexibility of our service. We offer three different levels of service to suit your individual needs. Our single-item pack is available for those who have just one or two odd items that are difficult to pack. The single-room pack is great for kitchens or other rooms that have a lot of objects to get packed away in boxes, especially when those items are fragile.

Our whole-home pack is the ultimate in You Move Me service. We'll come and pack all of the rooms in your home to get you ready for the move. Included in our packing service is a free wardrobe service, which features sturdy wardrobe boxes. We'll even unload and unpack your wardrobe boxes at your new home for a clean start to life in your new home.

If you'd rather pack your own household items, you can purchase all the supplies you need, from boxes to tape, at your local You Move Me location.

Moving in Santa Monica Like No Other

The best part of our Santa Monica moving service is the attention to detail you'll notice on moving day. Our effort starts the day before your move when we call to verify the pickup address, scheduled pickup time, and destination address.

When we arrive the morning of your move we'll bring the hot tea or coffee to ensure your day gets off to a peppy start. After that, we get started with a thorough walkthrough. This allows us to ensure that all items are packed up securely and furniture is ready for loading. It also gives you the opportunity to identify high-value or fragile items in need of extra care and attention.

Once the walkthrough is complete, we'll efficiently load the trucks and get underway. When the time comes, we'll unload the trucks and put every box and piece of furniture in the rooms you designate for us, making it easier to settle into your new home faster.

For those who used our packing service, you'll get assistance unpacking your boxes. We even breakdown the cardboard and take it with us so we don't leave a mess. On the way out, we leave you with a parting gift for working with You Move Me: a housewarming gift for your new home.

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At You Move Me, we truly believe that when you move with us, it's almost fun! Call us today to schedule your friendly, professional movers, or go online to use our free booking tool.

Santa Monica Local You Move Me Mover holding moving box

Chris and John, now feel like family, they've moved so much stuff for me. We laugh a lot and get it done is a very short amount of time. I like their attitude, and willingness to move even the most delicate things.

Professional Santa Monica Movers


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No matter what size your move might be, you'll have a ton on your mind that day, so it's our goal to be more than a mover. We want to be your partner. Partners do a lot more than move around boxes. We help you plan the day ahead of time, locate storage facilities, find enough of the right size boxes and even bring you coffee.

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