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North Saanich

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Professional local movers servicing North Saanich and the surrounding areas!

Professional North Saanich Movers

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North Saanich Movers You Can Trust

Whether you're moving in, moving out, downsizing or upsizing, we're here to help. As full-service North Saanich movers, our mission is to move you, not just your boxes.

We know that there's a lot more to moving than just loading and unloading your belongings - that's why we take the time to worry about all the little details of your next move. We can supply you with high-quality moving supplies, help you pack and unpack your belongings, and even bring you a fresh-brewed coffee on the day of your move.

Here at You Move Me, we really love what we do, and it shows. When you move with us, it's almost fun!

We're a Different Kind of North Saanich Moving Company

Wondering what sets You Move Me apart from other North Saanich movers? We're glad you asked!

  • We use clean, shiny trucks to move your belongings.
  • Our team of friendly uniformed movers are the best in the business.
  • We provide you with clear, transparent rates so there's no surprises on moving day.
  • Our minimum charge is just 1-hour, so you'll only pay for the service you really need.
  • We offer extra optional services to make your move go smoothly, including delivery of moving boxes and professional packing and unpacking.
  • If you hate moving, you'll really love us!

Professional Packing & Unpacking Services

Do you dread the thought of packing up your dishes? Wondering where you'll find the time to box up your belongings? Here at You Move Me, we know that packing can be stressful - that's why our North Saanich movers are available to pack and unpack all your belongings for you!

We can pack up a single item, a room in your home, or your entire place - it's up to you. Our team of professional packing experts can even unpack everything once we arrive at your new home so you can settle in right away.

Free Wardrobe Packing

If you've ever tried to pack up all your clothes, you know how hard it is to keep everything neat and tidy. Here at You Move Me, we've come up with a great solution - we offer free wardrobe service to all of our residential customers!

When you partner with our North Saanich movers, you can look forward to having all your clothes packed and moved for free in our specially-designed wardrobe boxes. Simply leave all your shirts, dresses, pants and slacks hanging in your closets, and our professional packers will take care of the rest. We'll even re-hang everything in your new home, leaving you with clean, wrinkle-free clothes!

What To Expect on Moving Day

Here at You Move Me, we're dedicated to making your moving day simple - here's how:

  • We'll pre-arrange where to park our truck so we won't waste time on moving day searching for a spot.
  • We'll give you a call when we're on the way.
  • We'll arrive with a nice hot coffee for you to enjoy while we do all the heavy lifting.
  • We'll ask you to give us a tour of your home before we start so you can point out anything that requires special handling.
  • Once we start loading the truck, we'll work quickly and efficiently.
  • When we arrive at your new home, we'll ask you to show us exactly where you'd like everything placed, so you won't have to move anything after we're done.
  • We'll leave you with your very first housewarming gift as our way of saying "thanks for calling You Move Me".

Moving in North Saanich? Give Us a Call!

When you're looking for North Saanich movers, give You Move Me a call. You can also go online for a free estimate.

North Saanich Local You Move Me Mover holding moving box

Friendly, professional, available last minute, honest. Very easy to work with!

Professional North Saanich Movers


If You Hate Moving, You'll Really Love Us.

No matter what size your move might be, you'll have a ton on your mind that day, so it's our goal to be more than a mover. We want to be your partner. Partners do a lot more than move around boxes. We help you plan the day ahead of time, locate storage facilities, find enough of the right size boxes and even bring you coffee.

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