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Alex Benjamin

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Meet Alex

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Christine Leathem

Brand Operations Manager
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Meet Christine

Christine has been with You Move Me since April of 2018, starting as Brand Coordinator and moving into the role of Brand Operations Manager in 2019. Christine leads the project management, learning & development and strategic communications sides of the business, helping to develop powerful tools and systems for our Franchise Partners. She is passionate about working with entrepreneurs and positively impacting their businesses. Outside of work, you can find Christine either on the soccer field, beach volleyball court or enjoying a taster at a local brewery in Vancouver.

Prabh Heer

Director of Operations
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Meet Prabh

Prabh started his journey at You Move Me in 2013 working for the Vancouver franchise as a business development manager. He had always enjoyed sales and really loved the approach that You Move Me took of making sure customers are well taken care of and that their happiness is the primary success factor next to a great move. Over time he worked his way up the ranks and eventually ran the Vancouver franchise and helped it grow substantially along the way. He eventually made his way into working in rebuilding the National Sales Centre and eventually moved into Field Operations by coaching all of the Franchise Partners across North America. This has felt like a natural fit for Prabh and a very proud point for him in terms of career progression as he loves helping solve problems and growing the brand bigger each year.

In his spare time, Prabh enjoys reading business books, hiking, traveling, and just exploring the outdoors. Fun fact about Prabh is each year his cousin takes him on a mystery vacation where all he knows is what time to be at the airport and how many days he is going for. These trips have taken him to foreign lands like Mongolia, Nepal, and Southern India, his cousin calls the trip 'The Annual'.

Connie Trepanier

Brand Marketing Manager
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Meet Connie

A mission-oriented, marketing and communications leader, Connie Trepanier is the Brand Marketing Manager at You Move Me starting January 2020. With over 7+ years experience in marketing and project management, Connie has a track record for developing and executing integrated marketing plans from end to end. In her spare time she can be found on the mountain side, either skiing or hiking, she thrives in nature.

Pavlo Tkhoryk

Brand Coordinator
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Meet Pavlo

Being a proactive and dedicated individual, Pavlo has started his journey as a Brand Coordinator at You Move Me in July 2020. With more than 5 years of international experience in customer service, communications, and marketing Pavlo brings to the team his passion for project management, teamwork, and making processes more efficient. He loves learning, developing new skills, and being a part of the industry-leading brand.

Outside of work Pavlo can be found riding his trials bike, flying down mountain biking trails, or enjoying the world’s best sunsets in British Columbia.

Graziela Leon

Marketing Specialist
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Meet Graziela

Graziela has recently joined You Move Me as Marketing Specialist, to take care of our SEO, Analytics, and website management.

She brings 4 years of experience in Digital Marketing, plus 5 years in advertising, and a passion for data analysis and marketing strategy.When she's not at work, you can find her geeking over Musical Theatre, writing novels that will never see the light of day, or taking care of her chickens - that's right, chickens.

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