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Our Mission Is to Move You, Not Just Your Boxes.

We're a professional local moving company created to move more than just your boxes. We'll move you with our hard work and genuine smiles.

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Looking for full-service Columbia moving companies? You Move Me, your favorite local movers, will provide you with everything you need to make your next moving day stress-free, right down to a fresh cup of coffee when we arrive to load your belongings!

We're proud to deliver exceptional customer service from the time you call for your free quote through to the moment when we give you your very first housewarming gift. Our mission is to move you, not just your boxes.

When you move with us, it's almost fun!

Why We're Different From Other Columbia Movers

Our team of talented, experienced Columbia movers are unique - in a really good way. We're committed to making your next moving day a great day with our warm smiles, spotless trucks and our genuine love of what we do.

As Columbia's favorite local moving company, we'll take good care of you, and your belongings.

Professional Moving and Packing Services

If you're like a lot of people, chances are good that you'd love to leave the packing to someone else. After all, packing is time consuming and stress inducing.

Here at You Move Me, our team of packing experts are available to help make your next move a stress-free one by taking care of all your packing needs. We can pack up just a few items, a few rooms in your home, or all of your belongings - it's up to you. We can also help unpack everything at your new home, and we'll even take away the boxes for you!

Free Wardrobe Packing Service

We know that packing up all of your shirts, jackets, suits and blouses can be a challenge - that's why we offer free wardrobe packing with our packing services.

All you need to do on moving day is show our team of packing experts where your closets are - we'll take care of the rest. Our movers will carefully re-hang everything in our sturdy clean wardrobe boxes and load them on our truck. Once we arrive at your new home, all you need to do is show us where you'd like you're clothing placed, and we'll re-hang everything again, leaving you with a closet full of tidy, wrinkle-free clothes!

Professional Packing Supplies Delivered To Your Home

If you'd like to take care of your own packing, we can provide you with all the boxes, tape and packing paper you'll need to prepare your belongings for moving day. Just give us a call and let us know what you need, and we'll bring everything right to your front door.

What To Expect On Moving Day

When you call You Move Me, you can look forward to a simple, hassle-free moving experience. Here's what you can expect from our moving professionals on your moving day.

  • We'll plan where we'll park well in advance
  • We'll arrive when he promised we would
  • When we arrive, we'll present you with a nice hot cup of coffee to enjoy while we load your belongings
  • We'll take a quick tour of your home so you can point out any items that require special care
  • Our professional movers will work quickly to load the truck
  • When we arrive at your new home, we'll unload all your belongings to the designated rooms to ensure easy, stress-free unpacking
  • Before we leave, we'll give you a housewarming gift as our way of thanking you for your business

To receive your free estimate and to get more information about how You Move Me can move you and your belongings in Columbia, VA, call us or go online.

If you hate moving, you'll love us!

Meet your movers in Columbia

Anyone can say that they can make your move stress free, but here's how our movers in Columbia will actually do it:

  • We always arrive on time
  • We handle your stuff with care
  • We're open and transparent about our rates
  • We have a high attention to detail (meticulous uniforms, clean trucks)
  • We have a 1 hour minimum, which means you pay for the time we're moving you and that's it
Alan Klug
Franchise Partner

Hi, my name is Alan Klug, and I can't wait to move you in and around Baltimore and area.

I've run a top performing franchise in the 1-800-GOT-JUNK? system for more than 10 years, and am really excited to be bringing my knowledge to the moving industry.

I think there is a tremendous void in the moving industry and that has created a great opportunity for You Move Me in Baltimore to fill. Our customer service and problem solving skills are second to none.

At You Move Me, we really know how to take care of our people – both our customers and our employees, and we will take care of them. That's what makes us different than your average movers.

When I'm not moving you, I'm spending time with my three sons. Also, I love to run, mountain bike, backpack, ski, sail, and hike.

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Thanks for the love! Actual customer reviews (typos and all ;)

The team dropped my husband's band saw. We don't know the impact of that. However, the teams was teriffic, hard working, pleasant and responsive.
Baltimore D.C. 10/10 rating
They were on time, under budget, and SUPER friendly. Best moving company by far.
Baltimore Maryland 10/10 rating
Everyone was very nice.
Baltimore Maryland 9/10 rating
The movers were right on time and were very friendly.
Baltimore Maryland 10/10 rating
You all have GREAT people working for you. I had called with short notice about the move (3 days) and you were able to fit us into the schedule. You all are very organized, and do a fantastic job!!
Baltimore Maryland 10/10 rating
Enthusiastic customer service. My favorite!
Baltimore Maryland 10/10 rating
Professional, happy to work, careful, great manners, great team balance, equipment up to date, nice great people honest.
Maryland Maryland 10/10 rating
Everything was great.
Baltimore Maryland 10/10 rating
On time, professional, friendly, efficient, knowledgeable.
Baltimore Maryland 10/10 rating
Our movers were professional, friendly and hard-working. Couldn't ask for more. They were excellent.
Washington DC D.C. 10/10 rating
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    Founder and CEO Brian Scudamore introduces local moving company You Move Me.

If You Hate Moving, You'll Really Love Us.

No matter what size your move might be, you'll have a ton on your mind that day, so it's our goal to be more than a mover. We want to be your partner. Partners do a lot more than move around boxes. We help you plan the day ahead of time, locate storage facilities, find enough of the right size boxes and even bring you coffee.