The 3 Steps You Need to Take When Moving to Charlotte NC

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The 3 Steps You Need to Take When Moving to Charlotte NC

Moving to a new place is a big undertaking, and proper planning is the key to your success. If you're moving to Charlotte, North Carolina, check out our three important steps for a stress-free move, as well as what you can do to make it even easier.

Step 1: Preparation

Before you pack your first box, it's important that you properly prepare for your move. First, you'll need to transfer your information. Don't wait until after you move into your new place to switch your utilities; many utility companies are unable to provide same-day service, and you don't want to spend your first week in your new home without electricity. You'll also want to begin locating and gathering packing supplies. Boxes, packing tape, and packing paper are a hidden moving expense, and forgetting to get everything that you need ahead of time adds stress to the days leading up to the move.

Having a difficult time locating economically priced packing materials? At You Move Me, we can drop everything that you need right at your front door. We'll even buy back everything that you don't use, so you never have to worry about wasting money.

Step 2: Packing Up Your Belongings

For many people, packing is the most stressful part of the move because doing it properly is so time-consuming. Fragile items have to be carefully wrapped and packed, and of course, you have to be careful to not pack anything that you will need before the move. You may also have to disassemble beds and other large furniture and come up for a plan to move large items like appliances, pianos, or pool tables. Because packing properly can take a long time, you'll likely want to tackle the job over a period of a few weeks. Set aside toiletries, clothing, a few dishes, and any cookware that you absolutely have to have, and then box up the rest.

Do you dread packing? If so, why not let our moving experts take care of the process? We offer a full range of packing options, so whether you need help moving a single item, you want us to pack up the contents of a single room, or you want us to take care of the entire process from beginning to end, we've got you covered! We even offer free wardrobe service, allowing us to easily transfer your hanging garments from your old closet to your new one. In other words, if you hate moving, you'll really love us!

Step 3: Moving into Your New Home

Moving into your new home without stress starts long before you pull into the driveway. As you're packing, it's important that you properly label everything. Doing so will allow you to load and unload the moving truck properly. Also, it may be days or weeks before your boxes are completely unpacked, so unless you want to live without your movie collection or dinner plates until the job is complete, you'll want to be sure that you know where everything is.

If you don't want to live out of boxes for weeks after your move, then let our professional movers help! Our efficient packing system makes it easy to track every item, allowing us to unload boxes to their correct rooms. We can even unpack everything for you, helping you get settled into your new home in no time!

Getting Ready for a Move to Charlotte, NC?

Moving to the vibrant city of Charlotte is exciting, but if you're doing it without help, it can end up being a stressful experience. While there is a lot of planning involved in relocating, we at You Move Me are here to make this your easiest move ever. We're not just a moving company; we're moving partners who can help you with everything from finding local storage facilities to navigating the city's busy roads. When you move with us, it's almost fun! Contact us online or call us today to discuss our service and to schedule your moving day.