Upright Piano Movers in Naperville

A piano is a special piece to have in your home. Whether you’ve invested in it yourself, or it’s a treasured family heirloom, you want to make sure it’s treated carefully. When it’s time to move your piano, you want to make sure it’s done the right way. If you have a grand or baby grand piano, we would suggest using a specialized piano mover, since these large pieces can be especially delicate. However, if you have an upright piano to move, You Move Me is happy to help!

Moving a piano isn’t like moving any other piece of furniture. They are precision instruments that require careful handling and care. A single tuning pin that slips or an agraffe that is damaged could turn a fine family heirloom into a piece that requires expensive restoration work and precision refinement to return it to playable condition.

Our movers have specialized training and equipment to ensure your piano arrives safely at your new home.

Things to Consider When Moving an Upright Piano


Before you move your piano out of its current spot, you’ll need to determine the best route to the moving truck. Start by measuring the piano itself, and then measure all doorways and hallways. From there, it should be easier to figure out the best path to take to keep your piano safe.

Protective Measures

Some may believe that simply locking the keyboard cover is all the protection that is needed to move an upright piano, but it’s more complex than that. You’ll want to take care to protect the keys, and the delicate wood surface. You can do this by wrapping it in protective cloths and using furniture pads.

Before you move it, you’ll also want to inspect the piano rollers to make sure they can withstand movement. Older pianos might not be able to handle much movement, which means you’ll need to have a special dolly handy.

Once you’ve got it loaded onto the truck, secure the piano to the back wall of the truck with straps and keep covered with furniture pads. Then you can finish loading up the truck with your other belongings.

Once your piano is in your new home, plan have it tuned in about six weeks. It usually takes about that long to get settle, so it can hold a tune.

Need Help Moving Your Piano?

You Move Me is happy to help you move your upright piano. We understand that your piano is a treasured piece, and we’ll always treat it with the care it deserves. Of course, we’re ready to help move everything else you need to move too! We offer everything from complete packing services to moving supplies, and more. When you move with us, it's almost fun. So contact us at You Move Me for a free, no-obligation quote today.

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