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Cincinnati Piano Moving Services

So you're getting ready to move here in Cincinnati, but you just don't know what to do with your upright piano. Not many movers want to touch a piano, and you know rough treatment could cause expensive damage to its delicate inner workings, damage that can cost thousands of dollars to repair correctly.

Fear not! At You Move Me Cincinnati, we are experts in moving upright pianos, and we're prepared to give it all the care it deserves.

Moving Pianos in Cincinnati Requires Careful Attention

We're talking upright pianos here, not grand pianos, or even baby grands. If you want to move one of those, we'll probably suggest that you use a specialized piano mover. (See how much we care about your piano? We make sure you get the best advice and the right service, even if it means we pass on the job!) But if yes, you do indeed need to move an upright, we're here to help.

And we can handle that special family heirloom that's been moved too many times already. Or your professional-quality instrument or high-end digital piano. We understand the special care and treatment required, and we make sure to protect your piano in every way possible.

The Right Equipment and Knowhow from our Piano Movers

We know moving a piano is always tricky (which is why you should never try to move it on your own!). Even the smallest upright piano is top-heavy, and anyone who's untrained and doesn't have the right equipment is likely to damage it.

We have the right equipment and tools to transport your upright piano safely, and our You Move Me professionals know all the safety measures and the proper techniques to protect it up and down stairs, on and off the truck, and through every other step of the way.

The Special Steps We Taken When Moving Your Piano

We start by measuring your piano, then we measure all the possible access points and stairwells in your old home and your new home so we can choose the safest possible route. We use a specialized piano dolly that keeps your instrument from sliding and that's rated for the weight of your piano (after all, even the smallest upright can easily weigh more than 300 pounds). We protect your piano's finish with furniture pads and blankets so nothing gets chipped, protecting your walls in the process as well. And we lock the lid, if possible, so the delicate wires and hammers inside aren't jostled.

Once we've transported your piano to the moving truck, we strap it down to prevent movement inside and outside the instrument. We keep it completely covered and protected the whole trip, before reversing the process to install it securely in your new home.

Don't Tune Your Piano Right Away!

Once we've moved your piano, you'll probably be eager to start playing again. However, wait about six weeks before you call the piano tuner. Any move jostles a piano out of tune, even if you're just moving the piano from one room to the next, but it takes a full six weeks for an acoustic piano to settle down enough to hold the tune.

Available to Move More than Just Pianos in Cincinnati

Maybe you're just moving a piano. But if you're moving your whole home, we can help you with that, too. We take care of it all, minimizing stress so you don't miss a step in your normal life. We'll help you with packing, we'll supply all the boxes and packing supplies you need, and we handle the move itself, including our FREE wardrobe service. We even show up with coffee on the day of the movie (because that's what friends do). Our mission is to move you, not just your boxes.

If you hate moving, you're going to love us. Whether you just need to move an upright piano from one apartment to another, or you're relocating in Cincinnati and need to pack up everything you own, we're here for you. When you move with us, it's almost fun. So call us at You Move Me Cincinnati for your free, no-obligation quote today.

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