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The big day has finally arrived and you're all packed up and ready to move to your new home. As you give your old house a last walk through to check for anything left behind, you realize you forgot to pack up your pool table. As you stand there, you begin to worry. You don't want it to get damaged. After all, you put a lot of money towards its purchase, and your buddies aren't exactly known for being the careful type. The question starts creeping up to you… What now?

Time to bring in the experts

Moving a pool table can seem like a daunting task, it takes knowledge, patience and skill. At You Move Me we can get the job done quickly and efficiently, and the only thing you will have to do is make sure it is completely disassembled. At You Move me our mission is to move you, not just your boxes, and that includes any heavy or cumbersome items you may want to bring, including your pool table and much more.

Because we are Cincinnati's expert movers, and we care about our customers, we will make sure your pool table is treated appropriately and with the utmost care. But, before we can load it into our trucks, certain conditions must be met. Give us a call if you have any questions about moving your pool table to your new home. Our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to help you clear up any doubts you might have.

How to prepare your pool table for transport

Pool tables are not only bulky, they are also heavy and quite delicate, which is why, when disassembling your table in preparation for the move, you should consider recruiting a few friends to help you get the job done. Once you have gathered your tools and your assistants, it's time to get down to business.

The first step you will have to take is to remove the pockets. There will be 4 corner pockets and 2 side pockets. How you remove them, and what tools you will need, depends exclusively on how they are attached, although in many cases it's only a matter of removing a few staples.

The next step is to remove the rails. This can be accomplished quite easily by using a regular socket wrench to remove the bolts. Once the rails have been removed, it's time to work on the felt. Removing the felt is probably the most delicate part of the disassembly process, and must be carried out with the utmost care and patience. In many cases the felt is held in place by staples. If so, then we suggest you use a staple puller so as not to ruin the felt. If it has been glued in place, gently pull it backwards to remove it from the table, taking care not to tear it. Once you are done, fold it to prevent any unwanted wrinkles that might cause trouble when reassembling.

Removing the slate from the frame is the next step, and probably the most cumbersome, given the weight of the stone itself. The slate is normally held in place by screws. To remove them, use a power drill with the correct bit. Once you're done, lift the slate carefully to prevent it from cracking, and set it aside. Last, but not least, remove the frame from the legs and wrap the individual pieces in cloth or special padding to prevent any damage. You can then leave the rest up to us.

We make moving that pool table almost fun!

Our work and experience speak for themselves. We are a different kind of moving company because we really care about your stuff, and hundreds of customers can attest to our method. So don't hesitate, if you find yourself having to move your pool table, give us a call. We will make sure everything is always as it should be. No job is too big or too small, and remember, if you hate moving, you'll really love us.

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