Upright Piano Movers in Columbus, Ohio

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Moving an Upright Piano

If you own a piano, you're probably aware that you can't just wheel it out the door on its metal casters. Pianos are intricate, finely tuned instruments that require special care at every phase of the move. To say that transporting a piano is difficult and even dangerous is an understatement; one wrong move, and you risk causing great injury to yourself or to the piano. If you have a grand piano or baby grand piano, it’s best to use a specialized piano mover, since these instruments can be especially delicate and difficult to move. However, if you have an upright piano, You Move Me is happy to help move it to your new home safely.

There are several reasons that it's best to leave piano moving to the experts. First of all, pianos are heavy. Even a small upright piano can easily exceed 400 pounds, and a grand piano can exceed 1,200 pounds. Second, if the weight alone isn't prohibitive enough, the way that the weight is distributed makes the task even more difficult. Finally, while pianos are both heavy and bulky, they are also deceptively fragile. The inner workings of a piano, which consist of finely tuned felt hammers, strings, pedals, and keys, are quite complex and delicate.

Trust Our Columbus, Ohio Movers to Safely Move Your Upright Piano

Safely moving a piano requires a team of careful, knowledgeable movers, the proper equipment, and a safe, smooth-riding moving truck with a low ramp. First we’ll measure your piano, as well as the doorways and stairwells in both your old home and your new home to choose the best possible route for moving it in. We use a specially designed piano dolly to keep the move as smooth as possible, and we'll make sure to use furniture pads and protective cloths to protect the outer finish of your piano. We'll lock the lid, if possible, to protect the delicate wires and hammers inside the piano. Then we'll strap your piano securely inside our truck, making sure it stays in place as we travel.

Post-Move Piano Care

After moving your piano, it will probably need to be re-tuned. It's best to wait six weeks or so until you call in a piano tuner to re-tune your piano, since it takes about that long for the piano to settle down enough to hold the tune.

A piano is a wonderful investment that, with proper care and attention, can be enjoyed for generations. Rather than risking damage to your piano, let your local You Move Me movers handle the job. Our knowledgeable moving experts understand the care and attention that is required in moving pianos, and we can ensure that it arrives at its new destination safely.

Our Process for Moving Upright Pianos

With You Move Me, our outstanding customer service begins long before moving day. We're more than a moving company; we're your moving partners. We can make your next move your easiest one ever by helping you find local storage facilities, navigate Columbus's busy roads and locate local service providers.

Before moving day, we'll contact you to confirm key information, such as where the moving truck will be parked, intersections, and your old and new addresses. On the day of the move, our team of friendly movers will show up right on time, in uniform, and ready to get started. Before a single box is packed, we'll take an inventory of your home, making special note of items that will need special care and attention, such as large furniture or pianos. Then, we'll get to work packing and loading everything onto one of our clean, spacious trucks. Once we've reached your new destination, we'll unload everything to its proper room, and once we're done, we'll jump at the opportunity to be the first to give you a house warming gift.

Ready to Move Your Piano in Columbus, Ohio?

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