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Piano Movers in Indianapolis

Every piano is different, but they all share one thing in common: their owners love them. If you're a pianist, a piano-playing novice or simply a piano admirer, you know that these majestic instruments are engineering marvels. From the classic grand and baby grand models to the space-saving upright design, pianos are diverse and live in houses all over the country.

Melodious as they may be, however, they are large and notoriously difficult to move. Thankfully, a professional mover can help.

Moving Pianos In Indianapolis

If you live in Indianapolis and need to move a large musical instrument, you might be tempted to call a friend and save money. However, there are good reasons to call a professional instead. Baby grand pianos, delicate as their legs may look, actually weigh, on average, well over 600 pounds. Grand pianos can weigh over 1,300 pounds. For context, 1,300 pounds is about as heavy as a full-grown cow or a large male grizzly bear, and nearly as heavy as a Smart car.

As well as the risk of personal injury, you risk damaging the inner workings of your piano if you accidentally drop the instrument, even from a minimal height, or knock it against a wall. Piano maintenance is costly enough, and repairs can cost quite a lot, with an average fix totaling $2,000 or more. For a complete rebuild, unfortunate piano owners frequently pay out double or triple that amount.

If you have a piano-moving job to do and want to ensure that any damage is covered and that you don't hurt yourself, professional movers can help you navigate your situation. They have the training and the equipment to get through the procedure quickly and efficiently.

Piano-Moving Tips

When you’re ready to move a piano, the following tips can keep you and your instrument safe:

  1. Think about how you'll move the piano out of your home. If you have a stairway with corners, assess your route so that you can plan any complex maneuvers in advance.
  2. If you live in a home with particularly convoluted stairwells or small doors, or in a historic multi-level apartment building, you might need to move your piano via an external window. In these cases, you'd be well advised not to proceed by yourself and to enlist the help of a specialist piano mover instead.
  3. Get any applicable special tools ready before the big day. These might include protective cloths, furniture pads and piano dollies.
  4. Check your piano's rollers to ensure they're in good working order, and lock your instrument's lid securely.
  5. Ensure you have enough help to complete the job. Remember, the lightest pianos still weigh as much as a female moose.
  6. Before you start driving, secure the piano to the rear inside wall of your vehicle to ensure it doesn't roll around.
  7. After your piano reaches its new home successfully, wait about a month and a half for the instrument to acclimatize to its new environment. Then, get your piano tuned.

Before proceeding, many piano owners have their instruments professionally assessed and valued. A proper valuation makes insurance easier to obtain, so if something goes awry during the moving process, you can make a claim and recover your costs.

Why Choose You Move Me to Move Your Piano?

Pianos are marvellous instruments, and with proper care, they can last centuries. They're also very heavy, which makes them difficult to maneuver from A to B. If you need to move a grand piano or a baby grand, you'll need the assistance of a professional piano moving company—and we can help you find one. If, however, your piano is an upright model, we can help you relocate your instrument in the Indianapolis area and beyond. At You Move Me, we have the training and the experience to lift and transport upright pianos swiftly and carefully, so you can sit back and concentrate on other things. Call us today for an accurate on-the-spot quote!

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