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Are you moving soon and having nightmares about your moving your beloved pool table? You know you can't treat a pool table like a sofa or dresser when you pack up your household goods. Pool tables can't be squeezed through doorways by twisting them because the surface may warp or components can crack. And really, you probably don't want your friends helping you move your pool table. Remember the last time you had friends help move your big, leather couch? It's hard to get the sound of a leather couch ripping out of your head, isn't it?

Always Disassemble Your Pool Table Before Moving

Bulky, heavy and surprisingly fragile, pool tables should never be moved without being taken apart first. Even if you take exceptional care when moving an intact pool table, it's just too easy to do permanent damage to the table, legs, felt and other delicately constructed parts. Restoring a dinged pool table is not a simple task, either. Just ask a pool table repairer, if you can find one!

Although we do move pool tables, you'll need to disassemble your pool table yourself before we place it in moving van. In addition to hiring only the best, most professional movers available in Indianapolis, we can also provide tape, boxes and all other packing supplies you need to help ensure your pool table is moved safely.

How to Tear Down a Pool Table in 6 Easy Steps

  1. Assemble the tools you'll need before you start disassembling your pool table: power drill, socket wrench, staple puller, screwdriver and safety goggles.
  2. Have duct tape and a marker for labeling EVERY little piece you remove from your pool table.
  3. Start by removing staples holding the side pocket. You may need a the screwdriver or staple puller, depending on how the pockets are attached. Next, unscrew the bolts that are holding the rails on to the table. Don't forget to label where each piece goes to make re-assembling quick and easy.
  4. Removing the felt may be the trickiest part. Pull out the staples gently and slowly to avoid rips and tears. However, if you plan on replacing old felt with new felt once you get moved, you can just rip off the felt. That's up to you.
  5. Use your power drill to remove screws from the pool table’s slate. This is where you might need those friends who were mean to your leather couch, since the slate could weigh as much as 700 lbs. Even if you have a slate that can be removed in multiple pieces, each piece will be quite heavy.
  6. Wrap the legs, rails and frame (after detaching it, or course) to get them ready for loading into the moving van.

Reassembling a Pool Table Has to be Easier than Disassembling One, Right?

Well, not always. Before setting up your pool table in your new home, you will have to level the slate to the degree the floor is level. To get your table level, you'll have to utilize shims. If you don't, all your future pool games may be noticeably off.

After finishing the leveling process, you'll need to wax the seams and fill in any screw holes with beeswax. Afterwards, use a paint scraper to make the surface smooth. Now all that's left to do is to add the felt, tighten rails, close all gaps and make sure no wrinkles are spoiling the felt.

And--you are done!

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