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Whether you've purchased your piano, inherited it from a relative, or it was included in your home, chances are good that it's one of your most treasured possessions. After all, pianos are more than simply another piece of furniture - they're valuable musical instruments that are filled with nostalgia, memories, and of course, all that music.

Here at You Move Me, we understand that your piano means a lot to you and your family - that's why we're happy to share what we've learned about moving pianos safely. Over the years we've moved countless upright pianos in and around Kansas City, and during that time we've fine-tuned our techniques for moving these massive, beautiful instruments.

Tips For Moving An Upright Piano

The average upright piano weighs anywhere from 400 pounds to over 800 pounds, making it one of the biggest, heaviest items you'll ever need to move. Because it's such a large, heavy, and valuable object, planning ahead for your piano move is critical.

Here's what we've learned about moving upright pianos:

  • Start by securing the lid down over the keys - many upright pianos have an integrated key cover lock designed to keep the keys protected and prevent unauthorized use.
  • Strap down the top board (the cover on the top of the piano that gives access to the piano strings) to prevent the board from opening up unexpectedly during your move
  • Carefully measure the height, width, and depth of your piano, making sure to take into account any decorative features. Write these numbers down.
  • Plan out the route you'll use to get your piano out of your home. Measure all the doors you'll have to pass through, as well as any hallways and stairs. Don't forget to check the height of entrances as well, and factor in the added height of the moving dollies that will be placed under your piano.
  • Rent or purchase multiple piano dollies for your move.
  • Recruit or hire a number of strong friends, teammates, or family members for the move, and make sure everyone is wearing non-slip steel toe boots while they work.
  • Rent a large moving truck with a long, shallow ramp for easier loading and lots of straps to secure your piano during transport.

Remember, your piano may have been in the same spot for years, or even decades. During that time, your home might have been renovated - this means that the doorways used to bring your piano in may no longer be in the same spot, or the same size.

If all of this measuring, planning, lifting, and loading seems like a big hassle, we're here to help. Our team of professional, experienced movers have what it takes to make moving your upright piano easy.

Why Use Our Kansas City Movers For Upright Piano?

Here at You Move Me, our mission is to move you, not just your boxes (or your piano). We understand that your piano is invaluable to you, and we promise to take good care of it while we work.

When you call us to move your piano, we'll take the time to carefully plan out our exit route, protect your piano with clean moving pads, and bring along as many strong, uniformed movers as it takes to move your piano.

When it's time to unload your upright, we'll make sure to protect your piano and your walls while we carefully navigate our way up stairwells, through doorways, and down halls in your new home.

Need A Grand Piano Moved?

Our Kansas City piano moving service is for moving upright pianos only. If you're lucky enough to own a Baby Grand piano, or even one of those massive Grand Pianos, we'll be happy to help you find a dedicated piano mover who can orchestrate your Grand Piano move.

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