Pool Table Movers in Kansas City, MO

Pool tables and good BBQ are two of the most popular things in Kansas City. When you need to move your pool table, you can rely on the super careful experts at You Move Me to get the job done. Our mission is to move you, not just your boxes. We’ll be happy to move your pool table and all of its accessories to any location in the Kansas City area. If you hate moving, you'll really love us.

You Move Me are Your Pool Table Moving Experts in Kansas City, MO

We know how expensive and important your pool table is, and that is why we pride ourselves on offering efficient service. Our mission is to move you, not just your boxes. Our professional crew members show up on-time in clean and well-maintained trucks. We take care of every detail to make sure that your pool table gets to its new destination on-time.

Any Kansas City residents who need to have a pool table moved should contact us immediately. Whether you bought a pool table and need it brought to your house, or you are moving your pool table to another location in the city area, You Move Me is the company to get the job done. Let our experts give you a hassle-free and no-obligation quote and show you exactly how we making moving almost fun for all of our clients in Kansas City.

Moving a Pool Table

Moving a pool table requires great care. Before it can be moved, you’ll have to prep it by disassembling it. This process can be tricky, but we’ve put together a few tips to help make the process as easy as possible.

Follow these tips from our pool table movers to learn how to move yours like a pro:

  • Remove the pockets. The first step you in moving a pool table is to remove the side pockets. You’ll need a few simple tools to do this, depending on how the pockets have been attached to the table.
  • Remove the rails. Use a wrench, to unscrew the bolts holding the rails to the table and carefully remove each rail.
  • Loosen the felt. How you do this depends upon how it's been attached to the base. This step can be extra tricky, since you risk irreparable damage to the felt, which you should consider before you begin. The felt will either be stapled (easiest to remove) or glued (not so easy to remove).
  • Remove the base. Unscrew the bolts holding the main base of the table onto the frame. You will likely need power tools for this step.
  • Separate the frame from the legs. Underneath the base is a frame. Detach this frame from the legs.
  • Pack up the pool table. Now that you've got your pool table broken down into parts, you can pack them in the truck as you would your other furniture. It’s a good idea to use furniture pads or shrink wrap to protect finished wood and delicate surfaces.
  • Pack up the pool table accessories. Place the pockets, balls, and any other accessories, along with standing cues in a large box. Fill the box with stuffing (pillows, blankets) to help keep everything in place. Note: you can also gently place the folded felt in this box, or roll it carefully and cover with plastic wrap.
  • You Move Me makes sure to hire only the best crew members, and our pool table training process is comprehensive. Our experts know how to properly move a pool table, and we have all of the packing materials necessary to make your move a success.

We are more than happy to supply you with the high quality tape, boxes, and packing paper you need to get your pool table properly packed up. We will deliver the supplies right to your door, and we are more than happy to take back any excess boxes at no extra cost to you.

We'll Take Care of Your Pool Table

When you move with us, it's almost fun. You Move Me cares about customer satisfaction, and that dedication to quality shows in everything we do. When you make You Move Me your pool table moving company in Kansas City, you will see that we:

  • Show up on-time, every time
  • We call on moving day to let you know we are on our way
  • Our efficient crew wears professional uniforms and drives clean trucks
  • We work fast to make sure that we meet your deadlines
  • We have all of the blankets and proper moving equipment we need to protect your pool table during the move
  • We place your pool table at your new location and make sure everything is in place before we leave

Hate Moving? You'll Love Our Kansas City, MO Pool Table Movers

Moving a pool table is hard work, and we want you to trust us to help you. We offer you a reliable and transparent price quote that includes every part of your move. Our crew members are all properly licensed and our entire crew is insured for your protection. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to moving your pool table.

We are happy to take your pool table to any destination in or around Kansas City. Our goal is to provide you with a worry-free service that is almost fun. On moving day, we show up with coffee to help you sit back, relax, and watch us do all of the work.

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