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Have a piano? If so, chances are good that there's a lot of history behind your piano. Perhaps it was given to you as a gift, you purchased it to pursue your career, or it's a treasured family heirloom that's been passed down through the generations. No matter how you got your piano, one thing's for sure - moving it is a big job that involves lots of careful planning, coordination, and muscle.

Here at You Move Me, we've learned a lot about moving over the years. We've tackled some of the most challenging moves in Madison, including moving massive, historic upright pianos. We do draw the line at Baby Grand Pianos and Grand Pianos though - moving Grand pianos can involve actually taking the instrument apart, and that's something we won't do. We will however help our customers connect with a specialized piano moving service that does move Grand Pianos.

Tips For Moving An Upright Piano

If you're planning on moving an upright piano, there's a lot of planning and preparation involved in the job. Remember, most upright pianos weigh anywhere from 400 pounds to over 800 pounds or more - chances are good your piano is the biggest, heaviest item in your house.

Here's what you need to do to successfully, and safely, move your upright piano:

  • Start by measuring your piano, taking care to double-check the height, length, and overall width. Write down those measurements - you'll need to use them again.
  • Secure the key cover down, and be sure to do the same with the top board - that's the board on the top of the piano that covers up the piano strings.
  • Plan out your exit path, making sure to measure the height and width of all doorways and stairways, including hinges on your doors.
  • Purchase or rent one or more specialized piano dollies, and remember to factor in the extra height the dollies will add to the overall height of your piano while you're moving it.
  • Have at least four or more strong, healthy helpers on hand to move you piano, and make sure everyone is wearing sturdy safety boots while they work.
  • Rent a large, well-maintained moving truck with a long, shallow ramp that's wide enough to accommodate your upright piano.
  • Make sure to cover your piano with clean moving pads, then secure it inside the truck using multiple moving straps to prevent accidents during the trip to your new home.

Remember that your piano might have been in the exact same spot for years, or even decades. During that time, your home might have been remodeled - this means that the doorways, halls, and stairs used to bring your piano in may no longer be the same size. Houses can also shift and settle, resulting in awkwardly-shaped door frames, crooked hallways, and stairwells that are difficult to navigate.

Of course, if this all sounds like more work than you'd like to take on, you can always choose to hire a professional moving company to move your upright piano in Madison.

Why Use Our Madison Movers For Your Upright Piano?

Here at You Move Me, our team of strong, uniformed movers go above and beyond to take good care of you and your valuable possessions, including your upright piano. Our mission is to move you, not just your boxes.

When you hire us to move your upright piano, we'll take the time to carefully measure your piano, secure the key and lid cover, and plan out our route. We'll bring along as many strong, uniformed movers as it takes to keep your instrument safe and secure while we navigate hallways, stairways, and steps, and we'll pad and strap down your piano during transport.

Once we arrive at your new home, we'll place your piano exactly where you want it, making it easy for you to enjoy your piano for years to come.

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