Keep your stress in check when moving in Milwaukee

This article was contributed by Todd Yergens, Franchise Partner.
Keep your stress in check when moving in Milwaukee

Whether you just decided to move to Milwaukee, move across town to a different suburb of Milwaukee, or you are completely new to moving you may benefit from a few of the following tips. We hope they can help you survive the Milwaukee moving process with a little less stress.

A Little Help From My Friends

Call in those favors you have been building up. It can be an enjoyable experience helping someone go through their precious things and spending time reminiscing about good times. Invite a few close friends to help you sort and pack. Make it more fun by treating them to a healthy dinner and wine for spending time helping you trudge through the rubble. Milwaukee restaurants are some of the best around; so are Milwaukee movers, whether they are volunteers or hired. Be sure to take care of the people who are taking care of your precious possessions

Be Prepared, Block-out Time Ahead

We tell ourselves, "oh, I’ll start tomorrow", or "I have plenty of time", but you can only say that to yourself so many times before the date arrives and you find you are not prepared. Consider a schedule spanning out over numerous weeks of time. Block out small chunks of time to slowly-but-surely get through each room to decide what will go along and what will go elsewhere. You have to decide what works for you, but two hour increments are a good starting point.

Even if you hire a moving company in Milwaukee, you need to start planning and sorting as soon as possible. Experts recommend at least eight weeks of preparation is required to have your possessions ready for the big day. Print out some lists so you can check them off. There is something about the action of checking off a completed task that does wonders for your psyche. You Move Me has a useful moving checklist to help you

Chuck the Junk, Donate

Check with your local non-profit organizations to see if and when they can come to your place to pick up any unwanted items. If they are unable to pick-up in your area, consider a junk removal service that can safely remove and donate items on your behalf. In the Milwaukee area, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is a good service for larger items you can’t handle on your own or that you can’t dispose of in the weekly trash pickup.

Imagine starting fresh in your new home without a packed basement of junk you are never going to realistically ever use again. You may feel a physical sensation of a weight being lifted off your shoulders by lightening your load of junk you haul with you. Knowing your “junk” is in good hands and helping others can create an added sense of well being. You also save time and money by not having to move boxes over and over again.

Celebrate Success and Breathe

Make sure you take the occasional breather when packing. Treat yourself after packing every few boxes. You shouldn’t feel too guilty about a few sweet indulgences, because it is helping to maintain your mental well-being. If yoga or a massage is more your thing, consider it a well deserved investment in your sanity.

Go see a movie or spend some quality time with friends. A leisurely walk can be very rejuvenating. Your packing project won’t be going anywhere without you. Ensure your sanity doesn’t go anywhere as well by celebrating small victories and stopping to breathe.

Do Something Healthy

When is the last time you built up to some major event only to find yourself horribly sick on the day of the event? We tend to overdo it when moving without realizing it. We eat poorly, have disrupted sleeping patterns, and generally feel exhausted because we're also trying to balance work, social obligations, and family on top of packing-up all of our possessions.

Moving is one of the top three most stressful things that we encounter, following divorce and death. Why not take a little extra time and effort to get a healthy meal, get to bed at a reasonable time and take an extra dose of vitamins? If you give your body the nutritional support it needs to function at a high level, it won’t break down when you really need it.

Perception is Everything

If you truly believe and trust your move will be the worst day of your life, it will be. The opposite is also true. Your perception becomes reality. Another way to look at the task of moving (instead of “having to trudge through all my stuff and be inconvenienced”) is to see it as an opportunity to lighten your load and live a little leaner. It’s a perfect time to purge a few things before you waste the time and money moving them. It’s a time to reminisce and also move forward. You are closing a chapter and starting fresh, which could be seen as exciting, not scary.

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