Your Local Milwaukee, WI Upright Piano Movers

Are you getting ready to move house here in Milwaukee, but you're a little concerned about how to handle your piano? If you're moving an upright piano, don't worry! At You Move Me, we know how to take care of your piano during a move with all the care you would give it yourself.

Our Milwaukee, WI Piano Movers Specialize in Uprights

Let's say it right up front: If you're moving a grand piano, or even a baby grand, chances are we'll recommend that you use a specialized piano mover. (That's how much we care about your stuff. We make sure you get the best, safest service even if it means passing the job along to someone else!) But if you have an upright piano, even a treasured family heirloom or a professional-quality instrument? At You Move Me, we are ready and able to move that for you.

Of course, even an upright piano requires special care during a move. Rough treatment can damage the delicate inner workings of a piano, resulting in repairs that can easily run into the thousands of dollars. That's why you should never try to move a piano on your own. Even a smaller upright piano is heavy (and top-heavy!), and the risk of serious damage is high if it's moved by anyone who's untrained and unprepared.

At You Move Me, we have all the specialized tools and equipment needed to transport your treasured piano safely to your new home, and our professional movers know the required techniques and safety measures to employ during the move.

How Our Milwaukee, WI Movers Handle Pianos

Here's what we'll do to make sure your piano is safe and protected at every step of the move:

We'll measure your piano, and then we'll measure doorways and stairwells in both your old home and your home to make sure we choose the best possible route. We'll use a specially designed piano dolly to keep every moment of the move as smooth as possible, and we'll protect the outer finish of your beautiful piano with furniture pads and protective cloths. We'll lock the lid, if possible, to protect the delicate wires and hammers inside the piano. Then we'll strap your piano inside our clean moving truck securely, keeping it thoroughly covered and protected from everything surrounding it.

After your successful piano move, it's best to wait about six weeks until you call in your favorite piano tuner to tune your piano. Every piano needs retuning after any kind of move (even within the same building), but it takes about that long for the piano to settle down enough to hold the tune.

Moving More than Just Your Piano In Milwaukee, WI

Of course, at You Move Me, we can move far more than just your upright piano. (You probably guessed that already from our name!) Our mission in life is to move you, not just your boxes. If you hate moving, you're really going to love us.

We take care of it all, removing the hassle of moving so you can continue with your normal life. We go out of our way to reduce the stress often involved with moving, even showing up with coffee in hand on moving day (since we know you already packed your coffee maker, right?), and leaving you with a housewarming gift at the end of the day.

We can help you with packing, whether you want us to handle one difficult item, one tricky room (the kitchen, for instance), or your whole home. And if you want to handle the packing yourself, we have every kind of moving box you could ever need, including heavy-duty dish packs and specialized boxes for lamps, mirrors and artwork. You don't even have to think about moving your hanging clothes. Our FREE wardrobe service moves them intact, on the hangers, so your closet is waiting for you as soon as you walk into your new home.

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Whether you're moving an upright piano in Milwaukee or everything you own, let us give you a hand. When you move with us, it's almost fun. So contact us at You Move Me for a free, no-obligation quote today.

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