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Upright Piano Movers in Minneapolis

Moving households is what You Move Me does best. We feature a comprehensive array of moving services for our Minneapolis customers that include moving upright pianos. We employ professional movers that will treat your belongings with extraordinary care. We'll bring all the moving supplies and then efficiently transport your belongs to your new location.

You Move Me Minneapolis Moves Upright Pianos

When it comes to piano moving in Minneapolis, You Move Me has built a reputation for excellence. We are experienced upright piano movers and will bring all the equipment needed to safely and securely move your piano to its new location. With our value-driven solutions, you can count on our crews to prepare your piano for its move and transport it to our moving truck for delivery. We can move upright pianos up and down floors with no hassle to you or your household.

Please note that we do not move baby grand or grand pianos; however, we can recommend professional piano movers in Minneapolis who can dismantle and move these instruments for you. If you are moving your upright piano to a new location, You Move Me can provide professional moving services at affordable pricing.

Advantages of Contracting with You Move Me for Upright Piano Moving

You Move Me is a premier moving company in Minneapolis, MN. We specialize in moving upright pianos at competitive prices. You don't have to worry about hiring an addiction service to move your household as well as your upright piano because we can do it all. Our services include packing as well as moving if you desire. You can contract for only piano moving or opt for all of our affordable moving solutions. We'll even bring the boxes!

Moving heavy objects can be unsafe for people who are untrained, so we advise our customers to let us do the heavy lifting and moving. We've moved upright pianos throughout Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. Piano moving is one of the premier moving services we offer. Our specialized solutions mean that you can focus on other important aspects of your move.

Tips for Moving an Upright Piano

One of the most important aspects of moving a piano is to hire the right professional movers for the job. If you need to move your upright piano to a new location, just contact You Move Me. Save your back and let us move your piano to your new Minneapolis, MN, home.

When you set up a moving date with You Move Me, we'll ask you questions about your piano. It is helpful for us to know the measurements of your piano as well as the make and model so we can plan for the move accordingly. We will bring all the gear and equipment needed to safely move your piano. We'll also need to know how many stairs we'll encounter between your old location and your new one. With this information, we can bring the straps, pulleys, dollies, and ramps needed to get the job done right. We'll even provide moving blankets that can protect your upright piano during the entire moving process.

If you are moving anywhere throughout the Minneapolis, MN, region, be sure to contact You Move Me. We move upright pianos as well as entire households at affordable prices. Be sure to peruse our website or call to learn more about our wide array of professional moving services. We can provide you with all the supplies you need to pack up your home so you don't have to scour for boxes. We can provide professional packing services and, of course, efficiently move everything to your new location.

If you live in Minneapolis and need professional upright piano movers, contact We Move You today. We feature the very best professional movers in the region. You can count on their ability as well as their commitment to a job well done. We can't wait to move you to your new home.

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