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Moving an upright piano is not an easy job. It requires a certain degree of experience and a lot of care, and while it may seem like a task anybody with a few friends and a day off can tackle, the truth is that the risk of damaging the piano is quite high. And that's not counting the fingers, toes and backs your buddies might hurt during the moving process, due to the weight and sheer size of the piano itself.

A Few Piano Moving Tips

An upright piano can weigh somewhere between 500 and 800 pounds. That's a lot of weight to move! It is also a very expensive instrument, and often times a very sentimentally valuable family heirloom. Regardless of whether you just purchased yours or it has been in the family for several generations, there are always a few steps you will have to take when preparing to move any upright piano, no matter what its size.

  • Do not roll the piano on its casters – while it may seem tempting to simply roll the piano, doing so may damage your flooring, and even worse, the fragile legs of the piano itself. Casters are only decorative items, and not functional at all, so you must keep that foremost in your mind, no matter how tempted you may be.
  • Always use a piano dolly – the four wheels on a piano dolly will help center the piano's weight, keeping it level and making it easier to push around. Always use a dolly, even if only moving your piano from one room to another.
  • Tip, Lift, Slide and Lower – when placing your piano on a dolly, always tip one side so that it is at an incline, lift that side only as much as needed to slide the dolly under the piano until it is at its center or very close to it, and lower the piano onto it. Adjust as necessary.
  • Always pad the keyboard and sharp edges – this will keep your piano well protected during transportation and, if it becomes loose, it will save it from any dents and other damage.

When you move with us, it's almost fun

Because of the difficulty involved in moving an upright piano, and the very high cost of repairs in case of an accident, it's always best to hire a company with experience and knowledge in the subject. At You Move Me, our experts have been specially trained to move upright pianos swiftly and with the utmost care, each time and every time. Simply point to your piano and grab a cup of coffee to enjoy while we do everything else. By the time we are done, you won't even know we were there, and your piano will have been safely placed at its new location.

Our mission is to move you, not just your Piano

At You Move Me we have a single goal: to make your move as easy and streamlined as possible, giving you a break from the hassles and stress of moving to your new home. We move a variety of items, including upright pianos and other large objects using only specialists trained specifically for the job at hand. And while we don't move Grand or Baby Grand pianos, we can give you a recommendation for a service that does.

Trust in Our Portland Piano Movers

Our moving specialists will always serve you with a smile, getting the job done efficiently and swiftly, for your peace of mind. Each one of our experts has been carefully trained to ensure you receive the best service we can provide, whether you only want to move your upright piano or are planning to move into a new home.

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