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Our Mission Is to Move You, Not Just Your Boxes.

We're a professional local moving company created to move more than just your boxes. We'll move you with our hard work and genuine smiles.

Your favorite San Marcos Movers

Moving is among the biggest events in your life, transporting your belongings and your family from one residence to another. If the idea of packing up everything you own and finding a way to move it from Point A to Point B is a little too much to bear, it's time to try a team who can carry you through from start to finish. When you choose You Move Me, you can enjoy moving like never before.

As the best San Marcos movers in the business, we're always here when you need us. Whether that means helping you with your packing or loading your possessions into our clean, shiny trucks, we'll do whatever we can to ensure your upcoming move is as smooth and easy as possible. We make moving almost fun!

Moving Like Never Before

Moving is often a challenge, forcing you to take a step back from your normal life in order to focus on packing up your life and preparing to move it to a new location. When you want to alleviate some of the burden that comes with planning a major move, no one is poised and ready to make a difference like You Move Me. We've been taking strides in the local area for years, providing you with an expert team passionate about doing what's right.

  • One hour minimums for every move
  • Clean, shiny trucks and teams of friendly uniformed movers
  • Service on time with every appointment
  • Detail-oriented service, with no stone left unturned
  • Transparent, up front rates that save you time and money

Whether you live in a small studio apartment or a massive family home, we're prepared to help you find the right solutions. We know how stressful moving can be, and we want to make the process as easy as possible. We move you, not just your boxes.

Packing Professionals

Packing is often a big job, forcing you to spend days or weeks going though everything you own. When you'd rather shift the responsibility to our shoulders, we're always here to help. Our team is made up of professional movers, which means we know how to pack even the most delicate valuables you own. Whether you need help with your entire home, a few rooms, one room, or one single item, we're prepared to provide you with everything you need to take over. No matter what you have in mind, You Move Me is ready and willing to get to work.

We're experienced in everything, from glass and crystal breakables to the clothes in your closet. Using our unique hanging boxes, we'll load up your clothing, transport it gently from one home to another, and hang it in your new house in the rooms of your choosing.

If you'd prefer to handle packing on your own, that's completely fine. We can still lend a hand, providing professional-caliber boxes, tape, and packing supplies to keep even your most fragile belongings safe and sound.

Moving Expertise

Moving is always fast, easy, and awesome with our help. Rather than choosing an unknown name from the phone book, turn to a company who will be by your side until the job is done. From a few light boxes to countless rooms full of heavy, awkward furniture, we're the best at what we do for a reason. Our team exceeds the industry standard, with unique features like:

  • A confirmation call prior to our arrival to verify your location
  • Hot coffee brought right to your door
  • A walkthrough to determine what we're moving and where it will go in your new home
  • Fast and efficient loading and unloading
  • Your very first housewarming present!

Let Us Stand By Your Side

Moving can be hard, but You Move Me makes it easier than ever. We've been committed to comprehensive moving and packing in San Marcos for years, doing whatever it takes to simplify your move. Call today to schedule with us and see what our team can do to move you!

Meet the team

Anyone can say that they can make your move stress free, but here's how our movers in San Marcos will actually do it:

  • We always arrive on time
  • We handle your stuff with care
  • We're open and transparent about our rates
  • We have a high attention to detail (meticulous uniforms, clean trucks)
  • We have a one-hour minimum charge, which means you pay for the time we're moving you, and that's it!
Cody “Grizzly” Combes
Senior Crew Leader

I LOVE San Diego. The people here are great and I love being able to move them to their next home. I am also involved in the theator community, which is where I spend my off time hours. 

I am excited to meet you and exceed your expectations!!

Eric “Smooth” Coatley
Crew Lead

As a veteran, I am trained to serve and protect. You Move Me fits right in because our goal is to serve you and protect your stuff. 

I love San Diego. As a transplant from Louisville, family is important and that is what I have with You Move Me. My and my brothers and sisters will take care of you!!

chuck-commander-flkey-you-move-me-san marcos
Chuck “Commander” Filkey
QA Trainer

With over 30 years of experience in the moving industry, I can tell you these guys are the BEST! When we say “Our Movers are Awesome,” you can believe it. 

I was raised in Northern California and have 3 kids, 1 girl and 2 grown boys whom I work with today at You Move Me.

Don “#1” Brady

I’ve been with You Move Me San Diego from the very beginning. I have seen them grow into a great moving company and am proud to say I have helped in that process.

Off the job, I am a semipro soccer player. So if I am not moving you, I am moving the ball towards a goal!

Martin "The ROCK" Torres
Crew Lead

As the Rock, Martin has years of moving experience in Los Angeles as well as San Diego. Known for his smile and beautiful singing voice, The ROCK always makes your move fun.

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Thanks for the love! Actual customer reviews (typos and all ;)

Martin and Rocky were on time, with a great attitude and super professional. They did an excellent job!
San Diego California 10/10 rating
They were professional, helpful, and got the job done quickly, well within our estimated time. No scratches or damage to our furniture. They did a wonderful job. Thank you Gregg and Rocky!
San Diego California 10/10 rating
Nice and efficient team. Very careful with all furniture. On time!
San Diego California 10/10 rating
Friendly people working for the company! I completely trusted them coming into my home!
San Diego California 10/10 rating
The movers, Eric, Tim, and Manny listened to exactly what we wanted and made it happen. They were hard working, friendly, and a pleasure to work with.
San Diego California 10/10 rating
Josh and Gregg were very professional and made the move quick and easy. Moving can be a hassle but it was not with You Move Me.
San Diego California 10/10 rating
Courteous, careful, respectful.
San Diego California 10/10 rating
Gerrit and Greg were awesome. Great Job!
San Diego California 10/10 rating
Eric and Greg were fast, efficient and moved everything exactly how we needed it.
San Diego California 10/10 rating
Both Gregg and Rocky are professional, friendly and also very effective. Save me a lots of time and effort. Definately recommend.
San Diego California 10/10 rating
Friendly, fast, careful and helpful.
San Diego California 10/10 rating
Doug and Josh were very professional and did an amazing job moving my things!
San Diego California 10/10 rating
The two Men are a very nice and a very cooperation and I enjoyed the service so much.
San Diego California 10/10 rating
Honest estimate On time Very friendly, curtueous, efficient staff Great experience
San Diego California 10/10 rating
"Was on time, clean, professional,made my moving experience worry free, rates were clear andcreasonable,and the morning Starbucks was an exceptionally nice touch!
San Diego California 10/10 rating
Everyone I spoke to was knowledgeable and friendly. They were on time and focused on communication and creating a smooth experience. They did what they said they would do and that meant a lot.
San Diego California 10/10 rating
Martin & David were terrific. Very efficient, friendly and careful with our things. Showed up on time and got the job done.
San Diego California 10/10 rating
good disposition to work by your staff...also having professional equipment and a proactive staff wa good for me
San Diego California 10/10 rating
The movers were very courteous and professional. Made the entire experience a pleasure. The rates are resonable and the service is outstanding! Thanks!
San Diego California 10/10 rating
Excellent communication, professional, thorough, efficient, friendly. It was a great experience.
San Diego California 10/10 rating
Nice and efficient team. Very careful with all furniture. On time!
San Diego California 10/10 rating
Impressive care to our furniture, regardless of the shape it was in. Thank you.
San Diego California 10/10 rating
They were professional, on time and responsive to my questions and concerns. I appreciated Doug and Adrian taking great care of my items. I will definitely utilize You Move Me again!
San Diego California 10/10 rating
Hard workers, very friendly, polite, resourceful.
San Diego California 10/10 rating
Martin and Rocky were on time, with a great attitude and super professional. They did an excellent job!
San Diego California 10/10 rating
Very nice guys that are polite & very helpful.
San Diego California 10/10 rating
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No matter what size your move might be, you'll have a ton on your mind that day, so it's our goal to be more than a mover. We want to be your partner. Partners do a lot more than move around boxes. We help you plan the day ahead of time, locate storage facilities, find enough of the right size boxes and even bring you coffee.