What to Know Before Moving to San Francisco

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What to Know Before Moving to San Francisco

A move to San Francisco means a move to one of the most iconic cities in the country, where you'll live surrounded by landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Fisherman's Wharf and the cable cars. Whether you're moving into one of the city's famous "painted lady" Victorian homes or a cute apartment with a view of the bay, San Francisco offers hidden treasures for everyone.

Moving to San Francisco for the Weather

Pull out your jacket and pack away your shorts when you move to San Francisco, because everything you've heard about the chilly weather is true. For some people, this news is bliss, and if you're one of the folks who thrives in cool temperatures and wants to avoid sunburn, you're coming to the right place. You'll never encounter snow in San Francisco, however, and other nearby parts of the Bay Area get plenty warm during summer and fall. San Francisco is actually home to several microclimates, and one part of the city could easily be 10 degrees warmer than another (and less foggy) at any given time, so check out a weather map if climate matters to you.

Where to Live in San Francisco

Each neighborhood in San Francisco has a different feel, and you can turn a corner to find yourself almost in another world in this exciting city. Opt for elegant Victorians that maintain the aura of their hippie past in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, or head to the Mission District for all that's cool and trendy. Russian Hill provides spectacular views and proximity to Fisherman's Wharf, and Nob Hill promises a combination of spectacular architecture, urban parks and proximity to the Union Square shopping district.

Getting Around San Francisco

Because of all the hills, San Francisco can be a tough city to drive (and park) in, but fortunately, it's a delightful city for walking, and public transportation is abundant. The BART system connects you not only to other parts of the city but also across the Bay to Oakland and points beyond, as well as down the San Francisco Peninsula. Muni buses run all over town, and those cable cars aren't just for tourists to take selfies — Use them to get up the steep hills.

Schools in San Francisco

Many schools in the San Francisco Unified School District receive excellent rankings. If school rankings matter to your family, check out neighborhoods on the western side of the city, including in the Richmond and Sunset Districts, as well as in Haight-Ashbury. You'll also find well-ranked schools at the north end of the City, in the North Beach and Embarcadero neighborhoods.

No Shortage of Things to Do

San Francisco is home to several major league teams, including the Giants and the 49ers, and fans of the Raiders, Athletics and Golden State Warriors just have to head across the Bay to Oakland to root on their teams. The city is also home to amazing arts organizations, ranging from the San Francisco Opera, Ballet and Symphony to world-class comedy performances, national tours of Broadway musicals, and the Cirque du Soleil.

Picking a Place to Live

Because San Francisco's neighborhoods are so very different, it's a good idea to check out the areas you're considering before you pick a spot for your new home. Think about what kind of hill-climbing you're willing to do every day to run errands and get to work. If you're planning on using public transportation for your commute, check out the routes to minimize your daily journey.

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