San Francisco Moving Supplies

Need Moving Supplies in San Francisco, CA?

Few people are going to jump to the defense of moving as an enjoyable endeavor. It's a lot of hard work and can be very time consuming, but that doesn't mean it has to be. You Move Me can make your next move a breeze. From our friendly, uniformed staff to our clean, shiny trucks, there isn't a better San Francisco moving company to work with.

At You Move Me, we hire only the best movers to assist you in your Bay Area move. All of our team members are friendly and caring, and eager to help you enjoy a smooth transition into your new home. We're more than just fast, we're efficient and careful. Our job is to move you, not just your boxes, and we take time to handle delicate items and furniture with the care you would exercise yourself during a move.

Packing & Moving Supplies

Packing isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite activity, but being prepared by having all the right supplies will definitely make things easier. Instead of spending all your time hunting down your moving supplies for your next move, just call You Move Me! We've got everything you need to make packing stress-free:

Packing Paper

You can use these 10lb rolls to pack almost everything. They also won't leave smears or stains on your stuff like newspapers do.

Bubble Wrap

Perforated in 12" segments for all your fragile items.

Tape Gun

If you're packing up your home by yourself, a tape gun can take hours out of the process.

Clear Packing Tape

Seal up your boxes with clear tape so your labels aren't covered up.

Storage Pads

These blanket type pads can help protect items you're moving into a storage unit.

Floor Runner

These self adhesive and disposable runners can save your carpet and floor in your old and new home.

We Provide Packing Service with our Moving Supplies

If you can’t even handle the thought of packing on your own, don’t worry! Our San Francisco moving service can do more than haul furniture and stack boxes. We can help you get ready for your big move by providing affordable, efficient packing services. Whether you want help packing a few tricky items, one cluttered room, or your entire home, we've got the following options available:

  • Single-Item Pack: Lost the original box to your electronic keyboard or flatscreen TV? No problem! You Move Me has all the boxes, tape, and wrap you need for these oddly shaped items.
  • Single-Room Pack: If you've got a children's toy room, we know how much clutter those spaces collect. Let us ease the burden by packing that single room for you.
  • Whole-Home Pack: If life, work, and social commitments have you all tied up, You Move Me is happy to pack your whole home for you as well.

Additionally, our packing service includes a free wardrobe option. We'll pack your closets for you using wardrobe boxes, and even unload those items into the closets of your new home for you.

Get Your Moving Supplies in San Francisco Today!

If you're ready for an easier move, call You Move Me today or go online to schedule our San Francisco Movers. When you move with us, it's almost fun!