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An upright piano can be a wonderful addition to any house, but if you ever decide to move, it can become a very large headache, especially when the people you have hired to help you transport your stuff have no experience in moving pianos. Moving an upright piano requires experience and knowledge. Because the maneuvers required will depend largely on the weight of the piano itself, moving the piano without an appropriate plan can become a complicated affair if any one of these three elements is missing.

Preparing Your Upright Piano

Moving an upright piano will also require the use of specialized equipment, which can involve a large investment for those who only plan on moving the piano one time. While there are several ways to move an upright piano, all of them require you follow certain steps, such as:

  • Being aware of the piano's weight. This information can help you calculate the manpower you will need to get the job done. While it might be nice to think you can get it done with only a couple of friends and a six-pack of beer, the truth is that maneuvering, moving, and loading a piano will require much more than that, so always keep in mind its total weight before you even try to get things done.
  • Being aware of the piano's height. Some upright pianos can be very tall, reaching upwards of 60 inches. Knowing your piano's height can help you determine the size of the vehicle you will need for the move itself.
  • Use a piano dolly at all times. Most upright pianos have casters that are for decorative purposes only. Pushing your piano around on its casters is a recipe for disaster, as they are not sturdy enough to sustain the movement for a long time and might gouge your floors. Always lift the piano off the floor and load it onto a dolly for safe transportation to the truck.
  • Cover the keyboard, top and sides of the piano with padding. This will help to keep your piano's finish from being scraped or gouged during the move.

These, and many other reasons, are why it makes a lot of sense to hire a professional moving service that can cover all your needs, but remember, not all moving companies can handle valuables such as an upright piano, so it makes good sense to look around for one that knows what such a special move entails.

Moving More Than Just Your Upright

At You Move Me we are experts at moving upright pianos. We have the expertise and know-how you require to prevent any damage to one of your most expensive possessions. As if that weren't enough, our mission is to move you, not only your boxes, and we will ensure your move is processed in a quick and friendly manner, so if you hate moving, you will definitely love us.

When you call us to take care of your moving needs, we will take care of anything you need, so you can enjoy your time off while we process and load your stuff. At You Move Me our goal is to make your move easy and enjoyable, which is why we will apply all our expertise to starting you off on the right foot.

Each of our customers receives personalized services, in a friendly, efficient, caring, and careful manner. We understand how difficult moving can be, so when you move with us, it's almost fun.

If you have an upright piano that needs to be moved or plan on moving to a new home, give us a call. When you do, you can be sure that we will take care of all the hard work while you enjoy the experience of moving into the place of your dreams. At You Move Me we can move upright pianos in all sizes, but we do not move baby grand or grand pianos, so check in with us if you require additional information.

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