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If you've ever been to the San Diego region, you know that it boasts a rich music scene. From the San Diego Symphony to the historic Casbah in Midtown, musicians flock to San Diego and the regional area from every corner of the country and beyond, to live and work. But that brings up a big issue that many musicians, professional and otherwise deal with whenever they move: how can you ensure that your pianos, guitars and other instruments are moved into your new home as securely as possible?

You Move Me goes the extra mile to solve this problem. We only hire the most highly qualified movers to handle your move, so you won't have to worry about any of your stuff getting damaged, let alone your instruments. Of course, one instrument is more complicated than others—yes, we're talking about the piano.

The Business of Moving Pianos in San Diego

Pianos are so difficult to move securely that there are entire companies committed to the business of moving them for you. At You Move Me, we don't think it's right to have to call a moving company for the rest of your stuff, and then call a different company on top of that to move your upright piano. That's why we've worked out a system that works for you:

Simply call us when you need a piano moved. You Move Me can securely transport your upright pianos of any size, however, we don't move grand pianos or baby grands.

Whether it's part of a move or a separate endeavor, schedule a time for us to show up and we'll get you an up-front, transparent price quote for the whole job.

The expert moving team from You Move Me San Diego will show up at your door right on time and take care of every detail of your move. We'll even bring your first cup of coffee when we arrive and your first housewarming gift when we leave your new home at the end of the day.

How to Safely Move an Upright Piano

Pianos are not an easy thing to move because they're extremely heavy and even the smallest amount of damage can fundamentally change their function and sound. The smallest pianos are still very valuable and as one of the most expensive things in your home, you deserve a moving team that knows the ins and outs of protecting your investment. When moving an upright piano in San Diego, here are some of the things that the experts at You Move Me must take into account:

  • The route: does your home have a clear route for bringing a piano through to minimize the chance of damage?
  • The tools: movers have to be equipped with dollies, pads, carts and all the necessary tools to take the strain off the instrument while moving it
  • The truck: positioning your upright piano securely in one of our shiny, branded You Move Me trucks is every bit as important as getting it through and out of your home.
  • The team: moving crews need to have sufficient numbers to handle a large, heavy instrument so that no one is at risk for injury. Additionally, the more people involved, the lower the chance is of damaging the piano.

Why Use You Move Me For Your Upright Piano Moving?

While you'll still want to use a piano mover for your baby grand or grand piano, you deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing your upright piano is safe and secure during all aspects of moving it from point A to point B. Moving is stressful enough as it is; for a musician, valuable instruments make it even more stressful.

You Move Me wants to make your move almost fun. Give us a call or go online to find out more about our upright piano moving services in San Diego, and relax knowing your valuable instruments are in the safe, capable hands of a company that wants to move you, not just your boxes.

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