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At You Move Me, we know that it's the little things that stick with the customer, so we go the extra mile to keep you satisfied and take the stress out of moving day. We'll even supply the coffee!

Maybe you're new to the city and want to explore the rich, diverse music scene. When you need piano movers in Tulsa, don't think twice about the company you call. You Move Me's friendly, polite and efficient team of movers can and will move everything you need, securely to your new home in the Tulsa area.

What Makes Our Tulsa Piano Moving Services Different?

Whether you're new to Tulsa or simply moving around the area, we want you to feel comfortable during your move, because we know how stressful the whole process can be. That's why we want your transition into a new home in our great city to be as smooth as possible.

From start to finish, You Move Me provides a caring experience for our customer. From the coffee that we'll bring you when we arrive in our clean, shiny trucks, to the care we show your family and your most beloved items, we aim to prove that our mission is to move you, not just your boxes.

Steps to Move a Piano

Pianos present a particularly difficult challenge when it comes to moving from one home to another. The biggest problem with pianos is the weight, and to be more specific it is the fact that pianos are incredibly top heavy. You Move Me is happy to assist in moving your upright piano. Though if you have a grand or baby grand piano, we would suggest using a specialized piano moving service, since these instruments can be especially delicate.

In order to successfully move a piano, you'll going to need a team of helpers from You Move Me to accomplish the task. Some other helpful tips include:

  • Close and lock the lid.
  • Remove legs if possible to make moving easier.
  • Wrap properly in blankets/moving pads.
  • Load the piano in the truck first to ensure its weight is in the proper place.

Move Upright Pianos in Tulsa, OK the Easy Way

As you get ready to move to your new home, we’ll make sure everything goes smoothly. Our piano movers will conduct a thorough walk through the morning of your move, taking care to measure your piano, and all doorways, hallways, and staircases, to help determine the safest route. We’ll also ensure your upright piano is properly wrapped and prepared for the move, and we'll handle all the heavy lifting for you. We’ll carefully load your piano in our clean, shiny trucks and unload it for you at the destination into the room you designate.

Why Are We Tulsa's Trusted Local Moving Service?

It's simple. All the stressful parts of moving that cause most people to stress out are taken care of by us! No more worrying about stuff getting broken and no more dreading packing all your possessions into boxes before moving day. Just sit back, relax and let You Move Me make your move fly by, stress-free.

From our friendly, professional movers to our up-front, transparent price breakdown, we'll take a process that you associate with overwhelming stress and turn it into a relaxing experience for you. Don't believe us? Give us a call and let us prove it for your next move in the Tulsa area!

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We can't wait to meet you, and show you that moving can be almost fun! Whether you need a whole home move or just Tulsa piano movers, we can handle your toughest job with a smile, a coffee and your first housewarming gift! Give us a call or go online to get an estimate and a glimpse of how You Move Me Tulsa can move you, not just your boxes.

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