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We're Your Local Movers in Vancouver, WA!

We’re a professional local moving company located right here in Vancouver, WA. Locally owned and operated, we are trusted, engaged members of the Clark County Community. Our goal is to make moving in Vancouver, WA as pleasant and efficient as humanly possible.

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Vancouver-WA - address and hours

You Move Me Vancouver WA

4001 Main Street #312
Vancouver, Washington
T. (360) 693-0562
OR ODOT # 1658666
WA HG-64883
Monday 8:00AM - 6:00PM
Tuesday 8:00AM - 6:00PM
Wednesday 8:00AM - 6:00PM
Thursday 8:00AM - 6:00PM
Friday 8:00AM - 6:00PM
Saturday 8:00AM - 6:00PM
Sunday 8:00AM - 6:00PM

You Move Me: Moving Company, Moving Services and Local Movers

Your Local Movers in Vancouver, WA!

Are you moving to Vancouver, WA? If so, we can help! You Move Me is a full-service moving company in Clark County, including Vancouver, WA, and area.

Our objective is to move people, not just their boxes. Here's how...

We're different from other Vancouver WA moving companies

You Move Me is a full-service local mover in Vancouver and all of Clark County, which means we can take care of your move from start to finish in Vancouver WA and southwestern Washington.

Here's how we're different from other moving companies in Vancouver:

  • We believe in being on-time, always!
  • We hire only the best, most professional movers
  • We really care about the little details (down to our clean trucks and spotless uniforms)
  • Our rates are transparent and upfront

Movers in Vancouver WA who Provide Packing Services

We wouldn't be a full-service moving company without a team of talented packing specialists. Our team can pack (and unpack) all of your belongings, just the kitchen, or a single item. It's up to you.

We offer free de minimis use of wardrobe boxes on the day of the move to help make sure your clothes get to your new home safe and sound (and wrinkle free). Not sure what this means? Call us and we're happy to tell you!

If you want to do your packing yourself, it's not a problem. We can provide boxes, tape, and other packing supplies if you need them.

Learn more about You Move Me's packing service.

Other Vancouver WA moving services

On moving day, you have enough problems. Our objective is to be your partner, not just your average moving company. Expect that we will:

  • Call you in advance to confirm key information (like where you live and where we can park our moving truck)
  • Bring you a fine cup of coffee (your coffee machine is packed, right?)
  • Complete a walkthrough of your home so you can point out things that we need to handle with extra care
  • Get the truck packed quickly and carefully
  • Unload the truck quickly and get all of your belongings in to the correct rooms in your new home
  • Leave you your first housewarming gift

Contact our Movers in Vancouver, WA!

You Move Me Vancouver services all of Clark County WA, southwestern Washington State, and Oregon.

We also move people who live in Camas, Washougal, Battleground, La Center, Woodland, Kelso, Longview, Ridgefield, Hillsboro and Canby.

We can't wait to move you. Give You Move Me Vancouver a call today.

Meet your movers in Vancouver, Washington

We know we can say that we'll make your move stress free, but we'd rather show you.

Here's how your You Move Me's movers in Vancouver will actually do it:

  • We always arrive on time
  • We handle your stuff with care
  • We're open and transparent about our rates
  • We have a high attention to detail (meticulous uniforms, clean trucks)
  • We have a one-hour minimum, which means you really only pay for the time we're moving you, and that's it
Ben Hoskins
Franchise Partner

My name is Ben Hoskins, and I'm the one of the owners of You Move Me Portland. As a lifelong entrepreneur, I've had quite a bit of experience operating a successful franchise. (I operate the 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchises in Portland, Vancouver, San Diego and Seattle).

Having been in the junk removal business for more than 10 years, I found that many of our customers were in the process of moving in to or out of their homes. They often commented that they wished there were movers they could call who were as pleasant and dependable as our team at 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Portland.

We heard it enough that we decided to fill the niche! Hire You Move Me Portland if you want customer-centric movers in Portland operating with the same level of customer service and satisfaction you’ve come to expect from 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

In addition to running several businesses, I'm also active in my local community. I'm a member of Entrepreneur Organization (EO) Portland, and I've received numerous awards for community service including the Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Business Leader of the year in 2012 and the Clark Country Commissioners Public Service Award in 2013.

I live in Vancouver, Washington, with my wife and two young children.

Corey Dempsey
Moving Crew Lead

I started my career with our sister company, 1-800-GOT-JUNK, before moving up to become a You Move Me Vancouver crew lead. I love the variety I get moving people each day in the trucks. I'm really thankful that our customers appreciate our exceptional service and I strive to ensure that we are the absolute best movers in Vancovuer and area each day.

I live in Vancouver WA with my wife. When I'm not moving you, I enjoy reading and following current events.

Nathan Day
Senior Move Coordinator

Hi! My name is Nathan Day. I am a native Oregonian who recently moved to Vancouver. I am an avid musician with a passion for anything musical. I play guitar, bass, piano, cello, mandolin, resonator, and a little ukulele. I also love playing with my Australian Shepherd, Blue.

Kyle Clinton

Hi my name is Kyle Clinton. I was born in Coronado, CA before moving to Idaho and then Washington. I am an outdoor enthusiast, disc golfer, free runner and hiker. I also love hitting the gym, long boarding and riding my street bike.

Customer Reviews

Find out what people who have moved with You Move Me have to say about our moving service.

  • All thre gentlemen that moved me were efficient and more specifically friendly. They made me feel as though this whole process was easy and they were eager to help.
    Vancouver, WA
  • As in my last move with You Move Me, the movers were knowledgable and efficient and they understood customer service very well. I was blown away by how economical this move was. Thank you so much.
    Vancouver, WA
  • Aside from removing the stress from a stressful situation, the guys went above and beyond when they helped me with moving. I will definitely be calling you guys for our next move. Thanks again!
    Vancouver, WA
  • Called before to confirm date and time...Assessed my needs quickly and got my moved...I have many large potted plants moved with out breakage...These guys worked hard and non-stop and were very respectful to my family and my things!
    Vancouver, WA
  • Clean cut employees. Managers were flexible with a floating moving day. Both Robert and Nathan (two top managers) were polite and easy to work with Every body worked hard (no slackers)
    Vancouver, WA
Kitchen Packing Checklist
So it’s time to pack your kitchen. There’s so many different (and useful) gadgets, you may not know where to start. Our expert movers in Vancouver, WA, have compiled a checklist to help you best pack up your kitchen.

Ben Hoskins, Franchise Partner
Simple Hacks for a Smooth Move
At You Move Me in Vancouver Wa, we have been moving long enough to discover some simple ways to help make your moving process as smooth as possible. Check out some of these simple hacks for smoothing out your transition.

This article was contributed by Ben Hoskins, Franchise Partner.
How to move a grandfather clock like a pro
At You Move Me in Vancouver Wa, we see all sorts of different Items to be moved. We move anything from you average couch, all the way to a 300lb vase and have even moved a non-running car.

This article was contributed by Ben Hoskins, Franchise Partner.
Tips for packing and moving your outdoor furniture
Living in the Pacific Northwest, we know your outdoor furniture is valuable to you. You don’t always get to use it, but when you do, it’s amazing! Our team of native northwesterners at You Move Me in Vancouver, WA have put together some tips and tricks to help you pack and move your outdoor furniture!

This article was contributed by Ben Hoskins, Franchise Partner.
Moving Checklist
Starting early is one of the best ways to prepare for a major life event, like moving. Our team of movers at You Move Me in Vancouver, WA have set up a checklist to help you make sure you have everything for an efficient and smooth move. You’ll want to start planning your move and looking at the process a month or so before your moving day. We hope this list has all of the useful information you are looking for.

This article was contributed by Ben Hoskins, Franchise Partner.
How To Pack Mirrors & Picture Frames
If you have ever broken the glass in your favorite picture frame or shattered your most treasured mirror, you already know the importance of carefully packing fragile items. Here are some tips that our team at You Move Me Vancouver have put together to help you properly pack your picture frames and mirrors.

This article was contributed by Ben Hoskins, Franchise Partner.
Five ways to make moving with kids fun
At You Move Me, we know that moving can be a stressful and busy time for anyone. If you have kids, a move can be a time of stress and confusion for the children. We have compiled a list of ways you can help reduce your child’s anxiety when moving.

This article was contributed by Ben Hoskins, Franchise Partner.
How to pack wine glasses and coffee mugs
One of the more difficult parts of moving is packing. Especially the trickier items such as wine glasses and coffee mugs. Here is a “how-to” from the You Move Me Vancouver team so that you can pack these breakable items like the pros do.

This article was contributed by Ben Hoskins, Franchise Partner.
5 Reasons to move to Vancouver, WA
Vancouver, Washington is a great place to live. It’s a beautiful city that is overlooked as a place to put down roots. In fact, we like Vancouver so much, that we made a list of all the reasons you should move here too!

This article was contributed by Ben Hoskins, Franchise Partner.
You Move Me partners with Alien Box
It is important to You Move Me Portland/Vancouver that we can provide moving solutions for all of our customers’ needs. To that end, we are proud to provide our clients with a sustainable moving supply option through our partnership with Alien Box.

This article was contributed by Ben Hoskins, Franchise Partner.


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Thanks for the love! Actual customer reviews (typos and all ;)

Fast, courteous, professional movers who listened and treated our household items as if they were treasure! Came in under budget too!
Vancouver, WA Washington 10/10 rating
They were friendly, professional, and fair about the billable hours. They also took execellent care of our belongings and made moving day stress-free.
Vancouver, WA Washington 10/10 rating
The movers were very respectful and hard working. I would definitely use them again. Thanks!
Vancouver, WA Washington 10/10 rating
Friendly, brought coffee, careful with my father's belongings. John and Kyle were also fast and efficient. Fantastic. My sister-in-law plans to call in near future future for her move.
Vancouver, WA Washington 10/10 rating
They were there on time, and did everything that they said they would do. It was the most professional, efficient, and easy move, that I have ever done.
Vancouver, WA Washington 10/10 rating
The 3 guys that were sent were hard working and quick. Despite the 3 flights of stairs and the heat they kept moving. I recommend this moving company!
Vancouver, WA Washington 10/10 rating
The movers were very friendly and efficient. The cost was much lower than anticipated and done with care. Very professional team and I plan to utilize the same company for any move in the future.
Vancouver, WA Washington 10/10 rating
The people were very professional, asked questions, gave recommendations and followed our instructions. We were very pleased.
Vancouver, WA Washington 10/10 rating
They are arrived on time. Did their work efficiently and work hard and fast. Very Impressed!!
Vancouver, WA Washington 10/10 rating
John and Nick are awesome!!
Vancouver, WA Washington 10/10 rating
  • You Move Me introduction with Brian Scudamore

    Founder and CEO Brian Scudamore introduces local moving company You Move Me.

Looking for movers in Vancouver, WA? Look no further!

No matter what size your move might be, you'll have a ton on your mind that day, so it's our goal to be more than a mover. We want to be your partner. Partners do a lot more than move around boxes. We help you plan the day ahead of time, locate storage facilities, find enough of the right size boxes and even bring you coffee.