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How Much Should You Tip Movers?

Mackenzie Green

Your moving day is fast approaching and you have everything planned out. You’ve packed your life neatly into boxes and suitcases, you’ve wrapped up your furniture, and you’ve hired a professional moving company. Now comes the final (and most awkward) part: how much do you tip your movers on the big day?

The only rule when it comes to tipping your movers is that there’s absolutely no pressure to do it. But you hired them for a reason: moving takes a lot of heavy lifting that you’d rather not do yourself. Tipping is a simple way to say thanks for a job well done.

While tipping is never required, sometimes you might want to show a little extra appreciation. Here’s how to determine when — and how much — to tip your movers.

when and when not to tip

When (and When Not) to Tip

Not all moving companies are created equally. If you get anything less than an exceptional experience, you definitely shouldn’t feel obligated to hand over more cash. But if your movers have gone above and beyond what you expected, it’s a nice gesture to reward their hard work.

Tipping your movers is appropriate if:

  • they showed up on time,
  • they finished your move in a shorter timeline than expected,
  • they had to navigate excessive flights of stairs,
  • they helped you pack your things,
  • nothing was damaged in the move, or
  • they wowed you with their customer service and professionalism

If they showed up late, damaged your things, or acted unprofessionally, keep your wallet in your pocket.

how much to tip

How Much to Tip

There’s no hard-and-fast rule to tipping movers but if you’re going to tip, it’s generally best to give each crew member an equal amount. If you’d rather just deal with one person, give the full tip to the head mover so they can split it evenly among the crew.

As a guideline, most people will tip their movers 5-10%. For example: if your move costs $1,200, you could give the crew any amount starting at $60. If you have three movers, that works out to $20 each.

other ways to tip

Other Ways to Tip

If you’re not comfortable doling out cash, that’s okay. You can always tip your movers in other ways on moving day. It’s almost guaranteed that your movers are going to work up a sweat, so cold refreshments are a nice gesture. If your move is starting early in the morning, offer your movers coffee and bananas to fuel them up for the day ahead. If your move runs over their lunch or dinner break, you could provide a simple meal like pizza or sandwiches.

Tipping is one of those awkward things that no one really knows to handle. But don’t stress out over it! A good moving company will never expect a tip. If you choose to give them something — whether it’s cash, a beverage, or a smile — they will always be grateful.

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